A beginner’s guide for starting a successful blog

People usually think that blog writing is a cake walk but the fact is that being a blog writer and running a successful blog isn’t easy. Now-a-days modern readers have shorter attention span. Microsoft study has found that technology has reduced human average attention span to 8 seconds, which is 1 second shorter than a goldfish. This shows holding the attention of readers for a blog is not an easy task.

Let’s begin with the basic questions when a person thinks of starting the blog. The first thing that hits his mind is which type of blog post to be written?  What should be the blog topic? How many times to publish in a week? How to promote them?

These are the few questions that may occur while creating a blog post strategy. Remember that when it comes to writing a successful blog post, your goal is to communicate your message or idea quickly and powerfully to as many readers as possible. Regardless of the length of blog post, your content of blog should have hold on readers. Blogging may not yield quick results, but it will develop loyal blog readers and customers for your business. Writing and publishing blogs on a daily basis will generate higher inbound traffic for your business, compared to blogging couple of times a week.

Following are the few simple steps that can help you make a better blogger:

  1. Start with the planning stage: You should create a strategy that will help you run your blog successfully. Ask yourself following questions to formulate blog strategy


  • Who is the reader/target audience for my blogs?
  • What is the purpose of my blog (Advertising, Marketing)? How will I make money out of my blog?
  • What will make my site stand out of the crowd?
  • How will I generate traffic for my site?


  1. Select a domain name: The next step is to to select a domain name for your website or blog page. Finding a domain name might sound easy but it is difficult to get the name as per your choice. So it is important to spend sufficient time on selecting a right domain name. Selecting a good domain name would help you rank higher in SEO and generate higher leads.


  1. Settle on hosting company: There are tonnes of hosting companies in the market, but it is important to choose the right hosting company. The best way to find is by rankings and reviews upfront so that you can start with a good one. Choosing a poor hosting company would cost you loss of viewers, traffic and money.


  1. Select your blogging platform: One of the easiest and simplest way to create a site for your blog is to use WordPress. It is an open source blogging platform and it is very easy to create your site and upload content here. WordPress is great for bloggers as it has several themes and it is free once you develop your site. It keeps the costs of site minimum.


  1. Start creating content: The most important thing is creating content that connects the readers to the blog.
  • Its good to note down your new ideas
  • Begin with a story that connects your viewers
  • Develop an easy-to- flow outline


Before writing a blog, following things should be taken care of:

  1. Write the blog in the 1st person
  2. Always pick a topic that readers would be interested to read.
  3. Use language which is easy to read and understand and maintain reader’s interest till end
  4. Avoid Spelling errors, grammatical errors, punctuation errors
  5. Avoid plagiarism by putting unique content in your blog
  6. Feel free to experiment with few topics which would attracts the readers easily and gives variety.
  7. Keep it plain and simple.
  8. Post your blog on a right blogging platform to get your blog more viewers.
  9. Never compromise with the quality and integrity of your website and blog.

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