Why to use blogs as promotional tool?

In today’s world of technology organizations are continuously trying to come up with innovative ideas to promote their business in the market. Just having a single approach in your strategy is not going to sustain in the market for a longer time. So most of the organizations are making continuous improvement to increase their online presence and trying new ways to have more lead generation.

Some of the most important and commonly used promotional tools are advertising, sales promotion, public relation, and direct marketing. Advertising is a form of paid promotion for product or service. Advertisement is not only used by companies but also by government, charitable organization etc. The biggest advantage of advertisement is that it can reach to a large number of audiences wherever a direct reach is not possible. Sales promotion activity are done with a motive to attract new customer, giving away rewards to existing customers, and targeting individuals who continuously keep on changing brands.

Public relations have become an essential part of marketing strategy. Companies have to continuously find new ways to be in touch with the existing customer and find ways to attract new customers.

Direct marketing does not require any intermediaries, it is done with the help of direct channels like calling, face to face selling, direct mail, catalog marketing, telemarketing, TV.

Now let us see how blog can be used as a promotional tool. The popularity of blogs as a promotional tool is increasing day by day and many organizations has started using blogs for promoting their product and services. Let us see some stats about blog which will help to whether to use blog as promotion tool.

1) 36% of fortune 500 are using blog as a promotion tool for product promotion.

2) 77% of internet user read blog articles.

3) 126% higher lead growth was seen in the business which were using blog

4) 82% of marketers who blog consistently see positive ROI from inbound efforts.

Blogs are an excellent way to drive traffic to your website. It is a nice tool to engage your customer or potential customers to your content and making them loyal to your brand. Businesses normally write blogs on the topic which their customers are interested to know or read. The blog should be informative and the reader must gain some useful information from it. The language of the blog should make the reader connected.

Then this blog is promoted on several platforms like website, social media and other online platforms. So the reader from several platforms reaches to your website which is good for lead generation and brand building. Frequent good content through blog make readers to visit your website frequently making them loyal to your website.

In this way, a blog helps companies to increase lead generation and directly increasing your business.

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