How to use emails to build relationship and sell more?

Email has become a very effective marketing technique in last few years for business promotion. In earlier days email was not considered as effective tool for business promotion. This condition changed when Gary Thuerk of DEC (digital equipment corporation) was the first person to send mass email in 1978 to his potential clients which helped to gain$13 million sales for DEC.

According to a survey, 60% of businesses say email marketing is already producing a return on investment, and 64% expect that channel to grow in profitability.

Marketer should always think of strategy to increasing their audience. Email marketing is only effective when viewed as a long-term commitment. It would take some initial efforts to develop an active, engaged audience but will help in long run.

Some tips you should follow while creating engaged audience:

  • Do not buy lists:

If you try to shortcut the process of increasing your audience it is very likely to fail the process. Purchased email lists often have low quality leads which are less receptive to your message and are more likely to mark you as spam. If too many of your messages bounce or are marked as spam, the email servers governing access to audiences will blacklist you, ultimately preventing future communication with their users.

  • Grow your audience the right way:

Keep on analyzing and improving on the channels where people are already engaged with your brand. Communicate benefits of subscribing. Always know your target audience so you can make offers which will appeal them. Increasing audience is likely to increase your sale.

  •  Earn trust of your customer:

Subscribers has shown trust in your brand by giving their email. You should not just stuff their inbox by sending unrelated newsletters. You should also make it easy to unsubscribe.

  • Optimize emails for mobile devices:

It is seen that recently 50% of traffic come from mobile web. Optimized email offers great advantage to the brand and helps to increase the engagement of the customer with the brand. If the customer get bad experience it very likely that he will not return to the brand again. Ultimately good experience leads to good sale of the product or services.

  • Be relevant:

Consistently providing valuable content to the reader is one of the best method to increase the open rate of email and earn loyalty of customer. Try to find out what is valuable to your subscriber by doing some survey and provide only that content which is relevant to the subscriber.

Response rates of email are faster than any other forms of direct communication. And it is also easy to track down an email with a coupon you saw two days ago than to track promotion you saw on any social media platform two days ago. Many organization are using email as a source to build relationship and increase sale but it is time for all those who still are not using this source and its benefits.

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