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Why G Suite is Must for Your Business?

G Suite is a new name to what we knew as Google Apps for Work. SaaS products are multiplying every passing day, and you need a technology that makes your work less complicated and fast.  The most common storage and tools such as Google Drive, Docs and Sheets are only a few services that comes along with G Suite. Whether you own a small business or a large one, you can’t do with this wonderful technology.

Here are a few reasons why G Suite is must for your business:

  1. Marketing Efficiency: Every business requires extensive marketing to reach maximum customers in the least amount of time. You start with subscribing for the Basic G Suite plan to have the following benefits:
  • Google Mail: An ad-free version of Gmail for your employees. This would help customers to be able to trust your business. For example if the name of your business is XY, and you have an employee named Tom, his email address could look like this: Tom@XY.com
  • Google Console: Also known as admin console, allows you to easily operate the most crucial works of your business from a single device. Add new users, groups, configure security setting and do much more.
  • Google Keep: This is an alternative to Evernote. You would be able to promise your customers that you would follow up with them, answer their FAQs and notify them of upcoming products, events, etc. You would be able to create to-do lists and set reminders. Keep your existing customers happy and confidently make promises that you can keep.
  1. Work Efficiency: G Suite definitely improves the work efficiency. Google Keep as mentioned above is an excellent example of this. There are other tools that would make you want to buy the plan without thinking for another second. These tools are;
  • Google Docs: Docs meaning documents, allows you to create and edit text files right from your web browser. You may conveniently export the files to third party formats in case required.
  • Google Sheets: What we know as spread sheets, Google Sheets can be done without. You can crunch spreadsheets data from Ahrefs exports. Financial figures and be run, calculated and edited instantly.
  • Google Drive: Storage used to be a problem, but not anymore. Get easy access to your GDrive from any device as and when you need to. Keep all your files safe and secure and just like in the case of Docs and Sheets, you can share them with anybody you wish in a matter of seconds.
  • Google Calendar: If you’re schedule organized you wouldn’t have to worry about most of the problems businesses usually face. You would be able to create multiple calendars on a regular basis, and share them with the concerned team.

Apart from these, Hangouts, forms, cloud search, vault, etc are additional features that comes along. G Suite is must for your business and you should make sure you being with subscribing for a plan that fits your budget and requirements.

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