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Website Data Backup – Things you should know about it

What is website data backup?

Website data backup service is a process of securing the data by backing up the website data on the cloud. Data lost on the website cannot be found if you don’t have a backup. With website backup, you can quickly recover from data loss and your website starts running again like nothing has happened. You can maintain the data on your website by providing ease of use to your clients at any time.

Why is it done?

Backup reduces the stress and tension of the website owner. It is always better to take care of your site before any problem occurs. There are several ways to data loss but data backup is only the solution. The only way you can focus on your business without any data loss problems is by taking the backup.


  • Data backup ensures the integrity and relevance of the data are never compromised.
  • Saves your time of recovering data or re-entering the data when it is lost.
  • You don’t need to worry if your data is lost as you can get it back within a fraction of seconds with a backup option.
  • Ensures Safety:
  • The information will be stored on the encrypted server and reduces the risks and threats to your data.
  • Provides convenience and ease of access to the backup data from the server’s database at any time.

How often should you backup your site?

Backup needs to be done regularly if you are making changes to the existing content on a daily basis. It is essential to figure out how often your website needs backup depending upon data updates on website and its criticality. While making the decision you should include 3 major factors.

  • Depending on how often you change or add the content, you should run the backup to avoid data loss.
  • The user interactions with your site are recorded in the WordPress database like comments, product reviews, and registered user’s details etc. If you want to run smoothly by maintaining your client’s database, then you need to take data backup regularly.
  • Look at the frequency of your updates like themes, WordPress versions, plugin updates etc.

What will happen if website data backup is not done?

Data loss can happen at any time. The lost data can be found nowhere if you don’t have a backup. Your potential customers cannot view your site because of data loss and this leads to the loss of not only data but also your business. It is your responsibility to ensure that the data is safe.

Ways to do website data backup:

You can take the backup either manually or automatically. If you chose to take the backup of your site manually, then all you have to do is log in to your cPanel in control panel and go to the backup wizard. Select the site which you want to take backup and destination where you want to store the data on the PC. If you want to restore the data, you can access it easily from the backup file and restore it in cPanel.

If you chose to do the backup automatically, then select software according to your convenience. The software offers an automatic backup option where your data gets backed up on a daily basis. The data of your site will be stored in the server database. The main benefit of automatic backup is you don’t need to remember of taking the backup daily or there is no risk of data loss even if you forget to take backup.

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