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What Is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a perfect model for providing information technology (IT) services in which resources such as servers, storage, networks, software applications and more are retrieved from the internet through various web-based applications and tools, rather than to build as well as maintain an in-house computing infrastructure.

A cloud computing service allows access to your data as long as your electronic device has access to the internet.
Thus, the cloud computing structure allows employees and professionals to work remotely.

Under a cloud computing service, your all data is stored on a physical server, which is controlle and maintained by a cloud computing service provider. As a client, you could access your stored data on a cloud through the internet.

There are different types of cloud available in a cloud computing service.

Let’s learn about different types of cloud computing. It is commonly classified into following three types.

1) Public Cloud


In a public cloud structure, a computing infrastructure is provided by a cloud computing service provider. A public cloud is implemented by using a shared data center infrastructure in which software and hardware are shared by various organizations; however, the information of every organization is kept separate.

Under a public cloud computing platform, various resources are shared among many organizations, so the operating costs are partitioned up among the organizations that make it less expensive. But it has some limitations such as it could limit configuration, SLA (service-level agreement) specificity and security.

2) Private Cloud

 In a private cloud structure, a computing infrastructure is dedicated to a specific organization and it is not shared with any other organization. Private clouds are generally more costly and more secure than public clouds.

Private clouds are again divided into two different types.

  a)  On-Premise Private Cloud

It is also called an internal cloud, which is hosted within your company’s data center. It offers more standardized processes, security and protection, but it provides limited size and scalability.  An on-premise private cloud is the best choice for those applications that require a full control, security and configurability of an infrastructure.

  b) Externally-Hosted Private Cloud

This cloud computing model is hosted by an external cloud computing service provider, who offers an exclusive cloud computing environment with a full guarantee of security and privacy.

3) Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud combines the benefits of both private and public cloud models. In this type of cloud computing, an organization could leverage a third-party cloud service provider in either a full or a partial manner. Hybrid clouds increase the flexibility and scalability of computing. Supplementing a conventional private cloud with the assets of a public cloud could be used to manage any kinds of unexpected surges in heavy workload.

Key Points From The Whole Article –

1. Cloud computing is an internet-based computing, which offers shared processing resources to computers on demand.

2. Three Major types of cloud- Public cloud, Private cloud, Hybrid cloud

3. As per your business needs you can select any type of cloud computing service

4. Public clouds use a shared data center infrastructure with multiple organizations.

5. Private clouds use a dedicated computing infrastructure to a specific organization.

6. Hybrid clouds combine the benefits of both private and public cloud models.

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Video: Cloud Computing & Its Types

Cloud computing is a brewing topic these days and is a must as far as the safe storage is concerned. There are various cloud computing types available these such as public, private and hybrid. Want to know more about cloud computing, please watch the video!

Infographics: Cloud Computing 


Have a look at this infographics and know what is cloud computing and various other aspects around it.

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What Is Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is a perfect model for providing information technology (IT) services in which resources such as servers, storage, networks.
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