Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting : Top 10 Benefits!

A dedicated server hosting is a kind of web hosting service in which a company or a business owner leases an entire server for an exclusive use of the user. This means that a web server is exclusively leased to your website and you have a complete control over it.

A dedicated server hosting is an excellent choice for massive businesses and organizations, which require lots of disk space, high-speed internet, a high level of web security and even capability to handle huge internet traffic.

Top 10 Benefits Of Dedicated Server Hosting

1. Flexibility

In a dedicated server hosting environment, you need not share any resources with any other website. Since you have a whole web server by yourself, you can alter some features of a server and can even use various applications and software programs of your own choice.

2. Reliability

A dedicated server hosting is one of the most reliable web hosting services as it does not share its resources with anyone else and hence your website performs flawlessly and even enjoys more uptime.

3. Customization

In this type of hosting service, since an entire web server is fully dedicated to the usage of only one client, you can customize your web server as per your business requirements.

4. Security

A dedicated server hosting offers an ideal security system to its customers as your web server is not shared with any other client. Thus, your website is less vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

5. Unique IP Address

A dedicated web hosting platform provides your website and hosting account a unique IP address, which is not shared with anyone else on the same physical server. Thus, if you require direct access to your website even when your Domain Name System (DNS) records are proliferated, a dedicated hosting IP helps you get direct access.

6. Multiple Domains

In a dedicated server hosting environment, you could host multiple domain names on a single physical web server. It is very beneficial as well as cost-effective for those companies, which are working with various offices and departments.

7. Performance

A dedicated server hosting ensures a high-level of performance. It offers your website more uptime and even a superior customer support.

8. Better Control

A dedicated server hosting offers you as much control as you require for your business. It can manage each and everything for you, so you can concentrate on what you do the best and can grow your business successfully.

9. Root Access

A dedicated server comes with a full root and administrative access. This provides you a complete freedom to configure your web server as per your business needs.

Dedicated-Server-Hosting-Top-10-Benefits-0210. Advanced Technical Support

A dedicated server hosting offers you an opportunity to take services of advanced technical support. A trusted dedicated web hosting service provider, such as BookMyIdentity has trained technical support professionals who could help you resolve any issues easily and quickly.

It could even offer advice and information that you may require to troubleshoot your website problems, update web server settings and other functions to keep your website always up-to-date and looking professional.

Key Points From The Whole Article

1.Dedicated server hosting is a great service for large eCommerce and high customer driven companies to run their businesses smoothly
2.A bit costly service but worth it if a large picture is focused
3.It provides great 10 benefits
4.Helpful to troubleshoot even your website issues & update web server settings
5.BookMyIdentity provides affordable dedicated server hosting packages

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