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SSL Certificates- 5 Benefits For Online Business

Having an online business? SSL Certificates are a must if you are having an online business. Why? It’s simply because of the fact that it provides excellent security for both; your website and your customer.

So, let’s go and see what an SSL is and some of the benefits it garners for online business.


1. SSL Certificates Help Greatly

  1. Encryption Of Sensitive Information
  2. Authentication
  3. Safeguards Financial Security
  4. Keeps Safe From Phishing
  5. Gain Customer’s Trust
  6. Ranking Benefits

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SSL or Security Sockets Layer is used in most of the websites all across that majorly facilitates online payments. SSL is relied upon to safeguard varied information pertaining to personal information of the customers such as phone numbers, credit and debit card numbers, passwords, customer names, addresses and much more.

Yes, no doubt that SSL is very helpful for people who are into online business. But, there is more to come for them; let’s provide you some quick benefits.


SSL Certificates Helps Greatly

Encryption Of Sensitive Information

5-benefits-of-ssl-certificates-for-online-businessSSL Certificates is basically used to encrypt the sensitive information of the customers. Most of the websites engaged in online business need some basic customer credentials such as addresses, names, credit or debit card numbers, social security numbers, phone or mobile numbers and more.

However, data that’s entered on such sites are often unencrypted before reaching its destination and during that time, hackers may read your sensitive information and could prove fatal when shopping online as hackers may use your credit card and use it for illegal use.

But with an SSL Certificate in place, you could save from such nightmares to happen & shop confidently over the internet.


Usage of SSL Certificate will also aid you to send across data even more confidentially to a correct server. What’s more, you can also use the Public Key Infrastructure to keep your account protected from bogus or malicious users.

Even SSL providers (The Certificate Authority) also check a user’s identity before issuing an SSL Certificate.

Safeguards Financial Security

Before turning to online websites to make a purchase, a user must ensure if a site he/she is looking forward to do online shopping with has an SSL Certificate put in place or not.

They should also check if a website has authority from The Payment Card Industry Compliance or PCI advised for SSL Certificate before continuing with card based online transactions.

Before these crucial aspects in place, a website should seek information related to your credit or debit card. Yes, a website not meeting aforementioned compliances does not have a valid SSL Certificate in place and would not be able to secure your card information as well as your personal information.

Keeps Safe From Phishing

Phishing, with increasing online customer footfalls, has also emerged as one of the most widespread and annoying online crimes. Online criminals use emails as their source to lure customers with lucrative offers and seek information related to their credit/debit cards and steals their money.

Your bank will never ask for credit card information over phone or email at any cost and you must keep away from such phishing agents.

If, due to some issues, you click on links provided in such emails to feed your personal and financial data and if you come across that it has no security certificates, keep away from it.

Also, SSL Certificates showcase a padlock in the address bar of the website to prove that it has a strong encryption. But, fake websites are unable to grab an SSL Certificate and just can’t imitate a valid website and just can’t even make a green access bar.

If such websites displays a green access bar and showcase HTTP instead of HTTPS, simply avoid such sites as they are not genuine.

Gain Customer’s Trust

With the incidences of online fraud and phishing becoming order of the day, it is becoming increasingly difficult to websites to continue with the joy of online shopping.

The solution to this issue could be the presence of an SSL Certificate over a website. If a website is able to show such a certificate, it means that its genuine to do shopping on and recommend to family and friends.

Ranking Benefits

 This could be attributed as one of the most important benefits for webmasters. In order to make internet a safe place, Google has recently indicated to enhance or boost ranking marginally for HTTPS secured and SSL Certificate powered websites and these changes would influence less than 1% of global search queries.

Google wishes websites to move from HTTP to HTTPS and make web environment safe and secure against rising cyber-attacks and crimes.

What’s more, even Mozilla has also revealed that it is looking forward to denigrate non-secured websites shortly.

Thus, given such great advantages of SSL Certificates, it would be superb to get it implemented for your online websites’ surging popularity, brand value and sales.

Key Points From The Whole Article

1. An SSL certificate protects your customers’ personal data.
2. SSL provides authentication to your website.
3. It encrypts the data and protects it from hackers and identity thieves.
4. It gains trust from your customers and increases sales.
5. It makes the web environment secure against rising cyber-attacks.

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Video: SSL Certificate:A Quick Guide!

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Infographics: What Is SSL Certificate?

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SSL Certificate Benefits

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SSL Certificates- 5 Benefits For Online Business
SSL Certificates are a must if you are having an online business. It’s simply because of the fact that it provides excellent security to your website.
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