Animated Gif’s – New trend for online business promotion

Do you know that Animated Gifs have become a new trend for online business promotion? Even though the word Gif might sound be a brand new phenomenon for many, it was actually invented in the year 1987. The presence of gifs on the internet has increased drastically over the past few years. Most of the corporate giants are using these animated gifs to take their online business marketing to the next level. Let us find out how gifs are used for business promotions.

Gifs appeal to a number of social media users as they play automatically while capturing a user’s attention right off the bat. They are usually light-hearted graphics which capture only the prime moment of a video or otherwise are a clever animation mash-up of several entertaining sequential photographs. Since these short graphics are relatively low in quality and only a few seconds long, they are probably supported by various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How to create animated gifs?
Creating animated Gifs is as easy as taking photos or making a video. However, there are a few steps in making it. Even if you are not the savviest with technology, creating a GIF is simple. Most of the apps follow the same trend, upload a short video or a few sequential images, and choose the speed and duration of the GIF. You can add a filter and finally, you have a GIF which is ready for uploading or sharing.

How to choose a GIF?
The silly and playful animations capture the user’s attention without any fail. You can choose the GIF depending on your business page to reply to the people on Facebook or simply post a GIF with a clever caption to promote a holiday or something special happening with your business. GIFs are great for business accounts as they deliver a human element. The point of social media is to form a relationship with targeted clients and form a long-lasting bond with the past, and hopefully returning here and there, your viewers can relate those gifs to your page more or at the very least they will remember how your brand made them feel when they came across a silly GIF.

These short clips will help to improve the popularity of your business on the web. You can find various GIF categories which include celebrities, cartoons, animals, movies, sports, shows and many more.

Remember to be careful when you are using these GIFs. Even though they are humorous you should not overuse them on a business page.

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