Ideal social media post for Corporate to generate business

How engaging are your social media posts? Are you writing too much, or too less? How about videos, are they long enough or are they too short? It’s evident that customer engagement on social media depends upon the quality of your content. All you need is an insight into the current trends and optimized posts that are specially created to effectively connect with your target audience.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a few of the most popular social media channels today.

Facebook: Videos and written posts.

Instagram: Photos, quotes, and stories

Twitter: Tweets, news, and GIF images.

LinkedIn: Jobs, business news, and professional posts.

To discuss the ideal Social Media Post for Corporate Business Promotion (LinkedIn, FB, Twitter, Instagram) let’s separately talk about their features, tools and suitable type of content.

LinkedIn: You would find LinkedIn to be different from the others. It is more a job search and professional connections developing platform. However, you can have influential connections truly interested in investing in your business, or willing to partner with you.


  • Ideal Posts: 80 to 100 characters for a written post with image. Use professional language with positive and motivating quotations.
  • Tools: Sales navigator, plugins, Datanyze,


Facebook: Facebook allows you to like, share and comment on posts. It is where it all started. You can be sure that proper ads posted on this platform are always productive.


  • Ideal Posts: 80 to 100 characters for written post with image, and up to 1-minute video posts. Try not to use jargon or passive voice.
  • Tools: Social graphs, Facebook ads, Paid ad campaigns.


Twitter: Twitter offers a higher user engagement option than any other platform. This is because you choose your words very carefully here.


  • Ideal Post: 80 to 100 characters for tweets, and up to 6 characters for hashtags.
  • Tools: Hashtags, analytics, and trending options.


Instagram: Instagram is all about high-resolution photos, live video and fan following. You can post and re-post updates and also use hashtags to reach more people.


  • Ideal Post: 130 to 150 characters. For sponsored posts try not to go above 125 characters, and the hashtags should not exceed 20 characters.
  • Tools: Instagram feed WD, Boomerang, Combin, Linktree


You can use all of these media to generate productive leads and for promoting your brand. Using any one of these, effectively, can get you quite an attention online. However, the posts you create for each of them should be according to the standards that promise you higher user engagement.

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