Is Quora suitable for online promotion?

Quora is a Q&A website where anyone can ask question and get answers. Marketers are now using Quora for brand awareness and to promote their brand online. Quora is growing and gaining more and more authority.

You can’t just rely on people finding your brand or business via Google searches. That’s why marketers are using Quora to build their authority and expertise on different subjects. Quora gives you access to 100 million unique visitors per month, and you can turn some of those users into new visitors and even conversions.

SEO is incredibly valuable, but also incredibly competitive. Quora can make your business beneficial because some Google and Bing searches show Quora’s answers in their first search positions which will help you to reach out maximum audience. They grab the information from Quora and display the answer with a small link. If you write a great answer, it gets upvoted.

Giving great answers to questions increases not only your authority but also your popularity, which will in turn improve your chances to appear in search engines. Quora is more a search engine than a social one. They don’t require you to be registered to use it.

Recent additions to Quora’s advertising platform

Quora Ads platform offers Website Retargeting which allows you to reach users who have already visited your website. In the Quora Ads Manager, advertisers can create audiences of users who have visited their website and then target them separately.

Quora Conversion Pixel helps advertisers to track specific events and goals, allowing them to optimize conversions on ad campaigns. Quora Ads run on cost-per-click model, powered by a real-time auction. After setting up the target, advertisers set their CPC bid, and they can easily adjust it based on the performance.

Quora ads formatting:

Text ads in Quora include five main components which have some strict character guidelines:

  • Business name:Maximum of 30 characters
  • Headline sentence:It should be maximum of 65 characters
  • Body text:It should be maximum of 105 characters
  • Display URL:It should be maximum of 30 characters

With character limit comes a high standard for these ads because you need to fit in your ad in that number of characters only. Like any other marketing platform, Quora shouldn’t be approached with “it’s all about sales.” Quora features industry leaders from all sectors. These authorities aren’t necessarily looking to make money off Quora.

Users want experts to answer to their questions. Marketers use this platform to showcase their expertise and position themselves or their businesses as authority figures for promotions. They are using Quora to learn and understand their target audience in a better way. They are also able to observe industry trends and see what concerns their target audience.

Quora is a long-term traffic strategy which needs patience. Those who are spending time answering questions on Quora are gaining benefits. Find ways to create constant and consistent presence on Quora. There are tons of visitors to your offer; you just have to showcase it the right way.

So, use Quora to drive more traffic to your website and reap SEO benefits from it right away. Quora is definitely suitable for online promotions, provided you use it the right way.

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