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Latest trends in Online Promotions

The pattern of online ads and marketing has changed rapidly mostly because of the quick development in the social media networks. In 2018, there will be some trends which will dominate other mediums for online promotion and creating relationship between business and customers.

Social Media Platform Instagram being photos oriented social media has grown tremendously as social network. Facebook having maximum user base, has offered a variety of options defining itself as one of the best online promotion tool. YouTube has become an important platform thanks to video domination and video marketing strategies.

Trends that will dominate the online promotions –

  • Less display ads and more interactive ads:

Display ads are not considered as good a conversion anymore nor are they being well received by the audience. Customers seek more long-lasting, close and interactive relationships with brands and that’s why branded content and local advertising are more useful. The trend points towards using digital advertising to seek interaction with the user and that way achieve more effective advertising. The aim is also to catch the attention of the target audience and encourage them to perform some action to get to know them better.

  • Prizes based on promotional codes:

Promotional codes are confirmed as an effective action to reach the target audience on social networks and encourage purchases in both online and physical stores. Among its benefits are that they are easy to track and measure the conversion in sales and physical visits.

  • Continuing growth in video contests:

For a few years now, the consumption and production of video is gaining position among Internet users, especially thanks to the expansion of smart phones that make it easy and convenient to watch and create video content. Companies with strong online strategy are increasingly using video contests. As compared to traditional ads, this type of content is more readily accepted and believed by a brand’s potential audience. To turn your customers into brand ambassadors, this type of contest is the best as it encourages participants to share their videos on social networks.

  • Increase in the volume and ways to use Hash tags:

For years now, hash tags have been widely used on Twitter and Instagram, and the use has been passed on to Facebook. To increase the use of hash tags, Instagram is testing the possibility of following hash tags, in addition to following profiles or brands. It is also used to relate brand content, and to monitor the content generated by the user that is linked to an event, a brand, a theme, a holiday or other types of celebrations. Ever increasing use of hash tag is predicted to boost online communities and create brand awareness

  • Instagram stories and instant message platforms:

When it comes to distribution of promotions, the evolution of social networks has also been modifying the channels used by both brands and participants. Instagram and the rising use of stories for promotions and giveaways and the direct traffic at the place of information has appealed a lot to the people. It is predicted that the ways these actions are shared can be further diversified and it is expected that this use will increase

  • Create sweepstakes to activate Facebook community:

Social networks have limitations in terms of participation in sweepstakes and promotions. This aspect makes brands look for more creative and effective ways to promote their posts and work their community. Increasing the engagement of people on Facebook using interactive & dynamic tools such as giveaways, quiz, gifs, videos etc and then offering small games to get the desired interaction.  The desired goal is to reach large number of people and brand awareness but it should be done uniquely and with minimum expenses for better performance. The prize is important to attract the attention of the users, but the action will be much more attractive if the game component is added.

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