Use of Hashtags for business promotions !

You probably might have seen hashtags used on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, or Pinterest. But do you know that these hashtags can be used to promote your business across social platforms? Nowadays most of the businesses use hashtags to promote their business marketing on the internet by connecting it to searches and discovery relevant to their target audience.

A hashtag is a label that is used on words or phrases on social media posts that help categorize together specific content on relevant topics. They are important because they help increase social media engagement with new users. The hashtag combines topics and makes it easier for users to find others who are discussing the same thing online. Social media platforms which currently support this are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Google+. Let us find out how to use them to increase your targeted users.

1) Trending Hashtag:

A trending hashtag is one which is being used by a lot of people at the same thing. These are known to generate more views and searches. Generally, this happens when there is breaking news or celebrity gossip or during a convention. It is a great idea to add that trending story hashtag on your post.

2) Event Hashtag:

If you are attending an event or business conference it is likely there is an official keyword which you can use to grow your reach by connecting with customers and interested audiences. Even if you can’t make it to the event, you can still use the hashtag to follow and participate in discussions that are relevant to your industry.

3) Local Hashtag:

Normally social media users love to post their location with a hashtag and search for the people with the same location. For companies which are locally based, using a local hashtag is the best way to gain exposure through the hashtag system. Those who are in need of a local service will frequently look up the hashtag to see what new posts that will come up.

4) User Targeting Hashtag:

Every business has their own keyword targeting goal on the internet. Make use of those main keywords and always hashtag them on your social media profiles. Targeting your keywords using the hashtag system is a proven way to become visible to relevant social media users.

5) Create your own hashtag:

To represent your business or marketing campaign or a specific product, you need to create a hashtag that you consistently use on social media. The best way to do this is to not make it completely obvious that it is a marketing initiative. Use creative hatch phrases where people love to visit your profile by just looking at it.

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