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Domain Name For Website – 5 Tricks!

The first thing that comes to our mind while setting up a website is getting a great domain name. Finalizing a good domain name is an art and picking up a relevant domain name for a website is a very vital step to online success.

Some people never value the importance of a name of your domain and rather underestimate the entire process of picking up a domain name and at BookMyIdentity, we do urge you to think seriously and make the right choice.


1. Domain Name Pickup Tips!

  1. Use Keywords
  2. Easy-To-Remember
  3. Keep It Short & Crisp
  4. Use Hyphens If Needed
  5. Put Other Domain Extensions To Use

2. Key Points From The Whole Article

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In the context of the same, let’s provide you 5 crucial tips and tricks to pick the best domain name for a website.

Domain Name Pickup Tips!

Use Keywords

Usage of keywords in it that best describes your website must be done as keywords have a great role to play in a domain.

Good keywords also boost the ranking higher in the search engine. With new niche markets arriving daily, the possibilities of keywords are increasing; people must use their creativity and get a keyword in name of your domain that best matches and describes the business.


5-tips-tricks-to-pick-the-best-domain-name-for-your-websiteSometimes, in our quest to surely include keywords, domain owners tend to ignore users and audience. Thus, you must ensure that your domain name is catchy and easy to lip or remember so that a user is able to come back to your website and not forget it due to the usage of unable to remember keywords or words.


Keep It Short & Crisp

The shorter the name of your domain, the better it is as it’s better and easy to memorize. Thus, try to keep it shorter and appealing so that people may remember it in a flash and let you have a good fan following instantly.


Use Hyphens If Needed

Use (-) in between letters/words if it’s a required thing in your domain name. For an example- If a is already taken, you may sign up with and improve readability if you must register with a must set of words.

Put Other Domain Extensions To Use

 It’s a known thing that .COM is the most popular & frequently used domain extension and don’t get limited to it as there are other profitable domain extensions as well such as .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO. However, if you are getting one against .COM with some twists such as with a hyphen or other techniques; shut your eyes and register it now.

Thus, these tricks would surely help you grab a better one easily.

Key Points From The Whole Article

1. To start any new business, you should choose a perfect domain name for your website
2. Keep your domain name simple & short
3. Select an appropriate top-level domain extension
4. Avoid copyright infringement
5. Make your domain name easy-to-type & easy-to-remember

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Video:How To Choose The Best Domain Name For Your Website

Still wandering your thoughts on choosing the best domain name for your upcoming website? Watch this video to know more!

Infographics: Choose A Domain Name Easily

Not all know how to select a great domain name for business. Yes, learn this art with the help of this vital infographics!

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