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International Domain Name Advantages

An international domain name is nothing but an internet domain name that has at least one label that’s showcased in software applications. They are domain names or web addresses which is often represented by local language characters.

When a user types an International Domain Name in a local language characters, an IDN or International Domain Name process of resolution is needed to locate the related e-mail address or website.

A native domain name language will be followed by .NET or .COM. The primary intention of an International Domain Name is to enhance or improve the international functionality or accessibility of the internet by enabling or allowing users to have their domain names registered in non-English languages.

The potential of international domains is hugely enormous. Whether you are a non-English speaking user or business owners or an English speaking new entrepreneur, you must consider registering an international domain name.

In the context of the same, let’s put out some of the superb advantages of International Domain Name (IDN).

International Domain Name Benefits

Larger Audience

Published-blog--International-Domain-Name-Advantages-02It’s quite obvious to find even a larger audience when you register an international domain name. Yes, you must know that most of the world’s population is non-English speaking and by getting an IDN registered, you are capitalizing on it superbly.

Most of the non-English speaking population use keyboards that support their native language. Thus, when they search in their local language, it makes sense for them when they search for a domain name, and they also prefer to go searching while using their own language.

One of those great markets is China and with more and more Chinese going online, it would be one of the greatest regions for IDN registrations including Asia (having 700 million users online).


One of the great factors that keep and will always keep international domain names registering and will be registered and in high demand is none other than localization.

Many people are not willing to go for English domain names while searching for products in their native language. This means that when they see an option of having a domain name in their own language, they not only go for it and do online shopping from it but even open a huge possibility for international domain names to make merry in markets such as China and even Asia.

Brand Protection

Large corporations go to the extremes of protecting their brand and even don’t shy away from spending millions of money on lawsuits yearly just to keep their brands safe and damage protected. Thus, organizations like these will also certainly have international domain names included into their protection of brand policy.


As you read this, it is increasingly becoming harder and harder to find a great domain name as a majority of almost all good .COM English language domain names have already been registered.

Even most of the good .NET and .ORG domain names have also gone. Try to register a good domain (two/three word .COM domain) and you will observe what is being tried to express!

But, now that we have the option of International Domains, just try and image how many of them are ready to be registered?

International domain name have still got greater availability when it comes to registration and there are still enough one-word .COM international domains that are available to grabbed and make way for greater revenues and brand recognition.

Key Points From The Whole Article

1. IDNs in native language make exploring the Internet much easier.
2. IDNs target local markets & non-English speaking internet users.
3. IDNs help get a large audience base.
4. IDNs still have a great availability.
5. IDNs promote and protect your brand & business.

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