Book your domain name well in advance!

How thoroughly you need to think about your domain name? Is it really that essential? Most of the small business entrepreneurs often think that having a quality website and business will help them make people visit their site no matter what the domain is! But it is not true. You see your domain name is the key element of your online business. It can either make or break you, so it is crucial to choose a domain name which works for your business.

Well, do you know that having a domain name is the first step to your online identity? Whether you want to promote your website or as a part of a more global online strategy, domain names are like the window display of your shop. Let us find out why your domain name is so important?

-It is your First Impression: Your URL is the first thing what your visitors will see. A good domain name can make a positive and lasting impression, while a bad domain name can send you visitors running away from your site.

-It is the most memorable way to find you: You can help your visitor find you by registering something which is short and catchy. There are still hundreds of thousands of great domains available on the internet. So, you need to try the latest trend by omitting letters to make them shorter and more memorable

-It affects SEO: While the exact match of domains is no longer a necessity, keywords in your domain name can still help your SEO ranking.

-Domain name acts as keyword: Domain is the keyword which explains who you are what you do. It helps search engines to find you as the words in your domain are considered as the most important keywords. Therefore, try to think creatively by registering names along with your activity and location.

-It defines your brand: Your domain name will bring you a branding opportunity. The right domain name can increase brand recognition.


Why do you need to book a domain name in advance?

Finding a domain name which is creative and matches up with the latest trend is very difficult. If you have already thought of a domain name which is perfect for your business then book it right away. Even though you don’t need the domain name instantly, it is better to book your domain name in advance because if you don’t, then someone might take it.

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