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BookMyIdentity Services Gets Unveiled!

BookMyIdentity is a hassle-free web domain name registration service platform which has a concern for all offline players to come online by making websites for their business and do great business.

While BookMyIdentity helps one get an attractive web domain name and register it and get started with a great online success, it also offers a slew of other related services to make your web presence even more commanding.

Let’s see the major services offered by BookMyIdentity

BookMyIdentity Services At A Glance!

BookMyIdentityServicesGetsUnveiled_Img01Domain Name Registration

The core service of BookMyIdentity is domain name registration where it intends to help one register a domain name and progress in their path of making a website further up and enjoy great profits.

Affordable domain name registration is provided so that anyone can come on board and take their offline business transferred online and achieve unexpected and unmatched growth, business flexibility and gains.

Under domain name registration, various services are provided such as

  • Register a domain
  • Bulk domain registration
  • New domain extensions
  • Sunrise domains
  • Premium domains
  • Transfer of domain facility
  • Bulk domain transfer

Web Hosting

Be informed to know that just domain name registration is not enough to join the online bandwagon successfully as you would need something more such as web hosting to succeed.

In the same context, other than domain name registrations, BookMyIdentity also offers quality web hosting services such as

  • Linux shared hosting
  • Windows shared hosting
  • VPS
  • Dedicated servers
  • Linux reseller hosting
  • Windows reseller hosting

Under web hosting, space is provided on a server owned and leased for use by clients and even internet connectivity is provided in a data center.

Website Builder

With the help of this service from BookMyIdentity, you get ultimate satisfaction in building or developing your website sans issues.

  • It lets you create your own websites easily and in a flash
  • No pre coding/design skills required
  • Choose from more than 100 themes
  • Simple drag-and-drop feature to customize your website’s design
  • Build professionally appealing website in no time

Email Services

What’s more, even proficient email services are provided to get along with a kink-free communication modules such as

  • Business Email- Simple yet powerful webmail service
  • Enterprise Email- Advanced, hi-tech and corporate class email service

Security Services

Powerful, efficient, time-tested and relevant mix of security services are offered to ensure great safety of your website’s data and content of various types from multiple threats right from hackers, viruses to malwares and what not!

Security services are provided under the titles of

  • SSL Certificates
  • SiteLock
  • Codeguard Website Backup

These aforementioned services from the house of BookMyIdentity are poised to ensure great ease of working over them and absolutely no issues involved whatsoever!

However, should there be any, the expert panel here is more than willing to bail you out instantly.

Key Points From The Whole Article

1. BookMyIdentity is a domain name registration service that also provides greatly affordable web hosting, email hosting, website builder, website security and more.
2. Everything is getting a web identity with the help of a website and that’s where BookMyIdentity comes to picture in letting people secure a good domain name.
3. Many offline businesses are waiting to go online and getting a cheap medium to do so would help many more to join the list; BookMyIdentity helps!

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