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.COM Domain Extension: Benefits At A Glance!

All set to get a domain name for your business website? Make it a point to register .COM Domain; here’s why!

One of the popular ways to create an online identity of your business is to set up a website. But, before that, you should select and register a domain name that suits your business.

Having your own domain name is the first step in establishing your online presence as well as reaching visitors.

All website names are controlled by a registry administrator. The registry administrator can use various suffixes such as .COM, .ORG, .NET, and more. These are called domain name extensions.

Your choice of top-level domain extension helps enhance your online presence, identify your brand, and even boost your marketing campaign.

There are hundreds of domain extensions to select from but the most popular one is .COM.

.COM: An Overview

The .COM extension was created in 1985, around the same time when the internet hits the mainstream. At first, it was made for commercial purposes. Basically, the .COM stands for “Commercial”.

Because numerous businesses identified this extension during that era, business owners started grasping it. Ultimately, the .COM presence and familiarity establishes its reputation as a business standard.

The .COM Domain Extension Benefits

  • Build A Brand Online

The .com extension shines in a brand building strategy. It is very easy to build your business brand using this extension because users are already acquainted with it.  All things considered, the .COM works better in online as well as offline marketing.

  • Familiarity

The .COM is the most popular and recognizable domain extensions among others. In fact, you would probably think about a website that ends with a .COM extension than an .ORG or .NET. So, it is the industry standard in a domain name registration field.

  • Stronger Online Presence

The .COM domain helps your business establish a stronger online presence as it ranks better in search engine results than any other domain extensions.

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.COM Vs .Net

.COM Domain Vs Everything Else!

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