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Domain Extension Negatively Impact Your SEO?

A few years before, there were few choices for a domain extension in the online market. You could just enroll a domain name with .COM .NET and .ORG domain name extensions.

More recently, The ICANN (The Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers) has expanded a list of new domain name extensions mainly by understanding the huge growing demands from the market based on various emerging popular product categories.

However, it is important to comprehend their effects before investing in new domain name extensions. So you must know whether or not they could impact your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) negatively.

Obviously, a common idea is using .COM .NET or .ORG & is an ideal option to rank your website higher in search engine results.

Moreover, numerous SEOs have pointed out that usage of new domain extensions appears to be an awful idea as you take a risk of damaging your website rankings in different search engine results.

Nonetheless, there are no cases to support this statement that buying a new domain extension for a website is a bad idea.

Domain Extension Affects SEO?

Google Favors Better Search Results

By including new domain name extensions, Google shows user experience is one of its first preoccupations.

 Let us see what this might mean-

  • Some new domain extensions are more costly. This implies that spammy websites would be less inclined to use these domain extensions to toss their hacks. So websites, owning new domain name extensions might rank better in trust.
  • New domain name extensions such as .GOV and .ARCHI, which could appear fair to rank highest these websites in search engine results as they are verified.
  • Even if keywords put before and after a period have actually no influence on search engine rankings. It even provides relevance, information, and trust.

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Therefore, if your website gets more and more visits, you should thank keywords and new domain name extensions. This applies particularly for specific domain extensions such as .NEWS .JEWELLERY, and more or location domains such as .BERLIN .PARIS, and more.

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Key Points From The Whole Article

1.Domain extensions give better ranking & branding are hot in usage these days.
2.Domain extensions help businesses get identified as a local business easily & more confidently.
3. A domain extension registration is also a very cost-effective process.
4. A domain extension is easy to register & their availability is much more a possibility when compared to conventional domain names such as .COM .NET .ONLINE & more.
5. The most important part of opting for a domain extension is; Google does not penalize new domain extensions.

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