What is Domain name failure & How to avoid it?

Domain name is the website name and its address is used to access the website by the internet users. A domain name signifies a number of things. It may specify a number of things like name of the organisation, services being offered, type of organisation and sometimes country location. In simple words domain name is a unique name that identifies a website.

So, what’s domain name failure?

It is when the combination of the words in the name goes disastrously wrong.

A domain name failure is basically occurs when the words in the domain name put together misleading the actual name. The words put together might create double meaning or might create words which are sensitive for website visitors.

You always want your website visitors to visit your website frequently. Domain name failure might create a bad image about your website or firm in the minds of visitors causing reduction in website visitors.

Reasons for ‘Domain name failure’:

  1. Combination of words in domain name: Should be careful while choosing the combination of words. This may confuse or communicate a wrong meaning while reading the name. For ex:com (IT scrap)


  1. Sequence of words in domain name: Sometimes the sequence in which words are placed in the domain name might create misleading words


  1. Offensive: Domain name should not be disrespectful. This may distract the viewer or discourage from viewing the site further.


  1. Similar names: Sometimes viewers find similar name of the domain due to which they might get confused and overlook the website.


  1. TLD’s: Sometimes the word in the end of domain name when combined with the TLD’s might create a word with double meaning or vulgar in nature.


  1. Ambiguity: The name of the site is unclear or ambiguous, and the content and the name don’t match.

Examples of domain name failures:

  1. com (IT scrap)
  2. com (American scrap metal)
  3. com (Choose Spain)
  4. (Children’s Wear)
  5. org (Teachers Talking)
  6. com (MP3s Hits)


Disadvantages of domain name failure:


  • Misleading domain name
  • Visitors might not take your business seriously
  • Increase website bounce rate
  • Reduction in website visitors
  • Create a negative image
  • Reduces brand value

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