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Domain Name Registration- 5 Basics!

Domain names registration is a must these days. In the same context, domain names are nothing but words or phrases that are often clubbed with a domain TLD to access a website with the help of a browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and many more.

Frankly speaking, a domain name could be simply put as the name of your website. It would be crucial to know that having several domain names pointing to one website via the method of URL forwarding is quite possible.


1. Domain Name Registration Basics

  1. Where To Buy Domain Name
  2. Domain Name Extensions
  3. Registration Length
  4. Registration Privacy
  5. Business Certification

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One may also have a domain name sans getting it linked with a website and this phenomenon is called as a ‘parked domain’, since it is yet to be used.

Registering a domain name may look like a simple process and a majority of people can carry on with it without much assistance.

However, if you are still having some or the other trouble understanding the process of domain name registration, you may go ahead and consider the information that follows next.

Domain Name Registration Basics

Where To Buy Domain Name

domain-name-registration-5-basicsYou must know that domain names are sold by domain registrars such as BookMyIdentity, having DNS database access and authorization from ICANN. Even some web hosting sites also domain name registrars and some provides bundled pack discounts for domain name registration and web hosting.

Apart from aforementioned platforms, one may also buy domains from domain auction sites as grabbing an aged domain has many advantages such as better search engine optimization qualities without any efforts.

However, when you go ahead registering a domain name, there are many options to select from, and some of them may be misleading and confusing to a beginner webmaster.

In the context of the same, the upcoming information may aid you in making the best decisions in the midst of a domain name registration process.

Domain Name Extensions

 The first option that you would consider is the domain name extension such as .COM, .NET, .ORG and many more. While it’s a given thing that a majority of people opt for the conventional yet popular or preferred .COM or if it is unavailable, they go for .NET or .ORG.

However, you should know that if you are unable to grab these domain name extensions, there is nothing get depressed for as there are lots of meaningful domain name extensions available these days that not only matches your online business but even gives you a distinct identity.

Yes, there are other domain extensions such as .INFO, .TV, .MOBI, .TRAVEL and more. What’s more, there are also country specified domain name extensions such as .IN for India, .AU for Australia, .JP for Japan, .UK for United Kingdom (England) and .US for United States Of America (USA) amongst many.

Registration Length

 Also, while registering a domain, you get the option of selecting how long you want your domain name to be. Although you may go for 1 year but it would be suggested to register your domain for a period of 5 or 10 years.

Registering a domain for more than a 1 year period could save cost and if you increase registration period up to 5 years, it would be very cost-effective.

This is crucial to do as you may forget to renew your subscription after completion of 1 year and you may stand to chance to lose your domain name which may again be up for grabs, meaning loss and only loss.

Thus, go for a 5-10 years registration length period.

Registration Privacy

 Another vital point to remember and consider while doing domain registration is whether or not you would like the details of ownership to be kept private! When you opt for a domain registration, by default, the billing & contact information for the domain are stored in WHOIS database, a publicly viewable database.

These databases are often used by marketers and telemarketers to send across irritatingly harassing advertisements and the information may also be used for personal vendetta and legal disputes.

If you don’t want your name, address, phone numbers and other credentials to be available for general public, you can go ahead and consider a private domain name registration.

Yes, the option of a private domain name registration is often provided by most domain registrars that may cost a bit more when compared to a normal domain name registration module.

Business Certification

When you go to register a domain name, you are also entitled with the option of getting the domain certified as an official business entity, offering a variety of perks.

Having a domain name certified would mean that you could legally prove your ownership in a court with the help of a printed certificate of the domain registration obtained from a domain registrar.

If you are willing to use your website to launch or operate an official business, you must consider the advantages of domain name certification during the registration process.

These are some of the most vital basics of a domain name registration process which general people or even qualified business owners fail to give an ear to and end up on losing side.

Thus, these aforementioned points must be considered once before heading out for a domain name registration.

Key Points From The Whole Article

1.  Buy a domain name from a reliable and an ICANN authorized registrar
2. Choose an appropriate domain name extension
3. Choose a correct domain name registration length period as per your business needs
4. Consider private domain name registration to protect your personal information
5. Certify your domain name as an official business entity

Products Recommended For You

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Video:How To Register A Domain Name

Doesn’t have much idea how to register a domain name? Don’t worry, watch this video and know how to register a domain name easily!

Infographics: Selecting A Domain Name Made Easy!

Learn how to select a domain name for your business via this infographics!

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Some web hosting sites also domain name registrars and some provides bundled pack discounts for domain name registration and web hosting.
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