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Domain Reseller: A Brief Introduction!

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When an industry develops, different avenues of business emerge as well. With the development of the World Wide Web (WWW) and increasing number of business websites, a domain registration service becomes one of the most important and in-demand commodities in this industry.

As a result, a domain registration industry has created several business avenues for business owners. Becoming a domain reseller is one such great opportunity for people to make a profit.

A domain reseller is a third-party organization who offers a domain registration service through an ICANN-accredited domain registrar.

Domain Reseller – A Quick Take!

Emergence Of The Domain Reselling Business

If you want to become a domain registrar, you need a heavy investment in infrastructure and it takes a long time to recover.

In this competitive marketplace, starting a new domain registration business could be a risky proposal as this business has low-profit margins and requires huge volumes to make the business sustainable.

On the other hand, to become a domain reseller, you need much lesser investment and it is comparatively easy to start a domain reselling business.

This is the main reason why domain reselling has developed as a popular business for many individuals.


Willing To Become Domain Resellers?  

Any individual can become a domain reseller. Becoming one is a relatively cost-effective way to enter in a domain registration market.

Today, many web hosting companies are either domain registrars or domain resellers.

Now, several web design firms, search marketing agencies, SEO, and even freelancers are becoming domain resellers.

To become a domain reseller, you could approach the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), a nonprofit organization, which regulates the domain industry.

The ICANN has certain rules and regulations for accredited agencies and obliges you have some specific level of assets.

After you become an ICANN-accredited provider, you could get some low costs on domain registrations.

Alternately, you could tie up with an ICANN accredited domain name registrar such as BookMyIdentity, who offer reseller domains and other online services such as web hosting, website building, email hosting, website security, and much more at affordable prices.

Key Points From The Whole Article 

1.Reseller Web Hosting Service is a type of hosting where a reseller account owner buys resources from a hosting company such as BookMyIdentity and then offer web hosting service to its clients/users.
2. A reseller workslike a mediator/catalyst between the users and the original web hosting company.
3. It has many great benefits to go for.
4. It reduces extra costs and enhances the growth of services/business.
5. BookMyIdentity has an formidably better reseller web hosting package for you all!

Products Recommended For You

The BookMyIdentity’s reseller hosting program handles your all back-end work while you could focus on building and upgrading your business. It maintains your network infrastructure, configures the security, handles hardware setups as well as maintenance, and even updates your servers.

Along with various web hosting services, it also offers several online services such as domain name registration, website building, email hosting, website security and more at low-cost prices.

Video:How A Reseller Hosting Program Works

If you are willing to know about some vital inputs as to how a reseller hosting platform works, this is the video you should be watching right away!

Infographics:  Reseller Hosting – A Quick Guide!

Here’s a quick take on the concept of reseller hosting in-depth via this informative infographics, have a look!

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