E-mail Marketing Vs Social Media for business promotion

If someone asks, what is the best marketing strategy you use for your business promotion? Probably one would get many answers. It is because Marketing is a field where there is no standard strategy for the business promotion, it depends on number of factors such as type of product, target audience, medium of promotion, market conditions etc

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is basically sending a commercial message, advertisements, and messages for brand awareness through email to a group of potential customers and present customers. Email marketing helps to build customer loyalty, increase relationship with your client, acquiring the new customer, and customer retention.

Email marketing, one of the most effective technique for business promotion, evolved with the technological growth in the 21st century. In early days email marketing was not considered an effective way for business promotion. Gary Thuerk of DEC (digital equipment corporation) was the first person to send mass email in 1978 to his potential clients which helped to gain$13 million sales for DEC.

Email marketing can be done through different types of emails like:
• New Product Announcement Email
• Offer Email
• Event Invitation
• Greetings / Wish mail
• Dedicated send
• Digital Magazine or Newsletter
• Co-marketing Email
• Social Media Send
• Internal Updates etc
Social Media:

Social media are the platforms where people share contents like opinions, feedbacks, reviews, photos, comments etc. Social media has changed the way individuals communicate. Some of the most popular social media websites are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, and many more.

Now-a-days people are more active on social media than any other platform. Also the number of social media users have increase drastically for last couple of years. So it has become one of the best platform to promote businesses. Moreover all social media platforms have several types of Ads as per requirements for business promotions.

Types of Facebook Ads
• Carousel ads
• Slideshow ads
• Collection ads
• Canvas ads
• Dynamic ads
• Link ads
• Lead ads

Types of LinkedIn Ads
• Sponsored content and direct sponsored content
• Sponsored InMails
• Text ads
• Dynamic ads
• Lead Gen forms

Types of Instagram Ads:
• Photo Ads
• Video Ads
• Story Ads
• Carousel Ads
• Canvas Story Ads

Regardless of the types of Social Media platforms and variety of ads for business promotion, Email marketing is still one of the best business promotion tool with better rate of conversion as compared to other tools in this age of Social Media,

Advantages of email marketing:

1. Email marketing can be used to reach a large number of customers.
2. Email marketing campaign is easy to run.
3. It helps in building a long-term relationship with potential and present customer.
4. Unlike telephone marketing, recipients can read your message at a time that suits them.
5. The costs of email marketing is much lower than many other forms of marketing.

Disadvantages of email marketing:

1. If your messages aren’t targeted to the right people, the recipient may delete your email or unsubscribe.
2. Your mail sometimes might land up in Spam
3. Emails designed for desktops sometimes might not look proper on mobile and tablets.
4. Emails with a lot of images may take them too long load, losing your audience’s interest.
5. Lengthy or improper emails gets ignored.
6. Frequent emails may irritate the customer

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