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Email Hosting: Improve Your Brand Image!

Almost all businesses send a large number of emails each day to smoothly communicate and conduct all crucial business functions. Many small and even large businesses use various free email hosting services such as Gmail and Yahoo to deal with their business correspondence.

These free email services in spite of a few benefits invariably fail to help an organization develop its brand image and even enhance its credibility.

2nd IMGFree services offered by free email service providers would contain an email id suffixed with their brand names. For an instance, if your company’s name is ‘XYZ’ and you use a Gmail service for email communication, then anyone sending you an email would have to use an email id that reads ‘’.

On the other hand, a business email id would contain your company’s name within it. Therefore, an employee of the XYZ organization using a premium business email service would have an official email id that is ‘’.

A professional business email id not only creates the authority of your business, but it also helps advertise your business among the people. This is because a name of your organization is included with each email, which is sent from and even received by your organization.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into what truly it is and its various advantages that a business could get by subscribing to it.

Email Hosting: A Brief Introduction

This is a hosting service, which runs email servers. It manages all electronic messages through an email server. A service provider provides you an email id that matches your domain name.

A service of this type is mostly used by several businesses that lack the resources and even technical knowledge to host their own particular email servers, but they want to custom their email addresses which match the name of their business website domain.

Benefits Of Email Hosting Services

  • A business email hosting service makes your business correspondence more professional and improves your brand image. Using a professional business email account with your brand domain name would enhance the image of your business and even build its credibility in a marketplace.
  • A genuine business email id conveys more trust with it. Individuals are persuaded that your emails have originated from a legitimate source and pay more attention to it.
  • With this, you could generate unlimited email accounts, access your data anytime and also maintain data backups on-site as well as off-site.
  • It also enables you to access all your email files and folders through the internet anytime and anywhere in the world.
  • With this service, you could share contacts, calendars, and emails without paying any extra expenses.

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BookMyIdentity is a reliable business email hosting service provider that gives you an assortment of alternatives to create and even manage your own particular email addresses. It offers client, customer-devoted services through a sophisticated email server at a highly competitive rate.

Along with this service, it also offers a variety of online services such as domain name registration, web hosting, website creator, website security, and much more!

Key Points From The Whole Article

1.Email hosting services are a must to incorporate & use if you have a business to thrive
2.It plays a vital role in establishing & soothing the business communication
3. None installation means no sound business communication & when no good business communication, it means the dead end.
4. Want to make your business a success? Email hosting will be required as well, install it today itself!
5. BookMyIdentity offers low-cost email hosting packages, enroll now!

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BookMyIdentity offers low-cost yet reliable email solutions (enterprise and business versions) especially for your business, 99.99% uptime and not to mention the quality technical assistance.

Video: Email Hosting – A Quick Bite!

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Infographics: Email Hosting Services- A Snapshot!

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Email Hosting: Improve Your Brand Image!
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