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Here’s How You Can Propagate Your Domain On Blogger

There are two methods which one can put to practice to publish your blog on Blogger.

The first step is that everyone knows- by simply hosting it on Blogspot (

The second step is hosting on your very own custom domain Example – (

Please be informed to know that you can change the platform where the blog is published at any time without issues & it won’t cause you to do away or lose any content on your website.

Step 1: Buy A Custom Domain

Before you decide to switch your blog to a custom domain, you will firstly need to have a custom domain name from another provider.

There are many companies you can rely on to purchase domain names from such as BookMyIdentity!

Step 2: Set Up Your Domain With Your Blog

Use A Top-Level Domain

Once you have purchased your custom domain, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Go to your blog & click on Basics under the settings tab. Under the publishing section, you should click the link to add a custom domain.


Blog Address –                         Edit

Add your custom domain Point your own registered domain to blog


Type the URL of the domain that you have purchased, considering that it must start with WWW in order to work.

Click SAVE

Go to your registrar’s website & locate the DNS (Domain Name System) settings the in the cPanel.

Enter the CNAMEs, where it asks Name, Label or Host, enter ‘www’ and list as the destination, target & points to.

Enter the second CNAME similarly.

Before you switch to the final step, you should wait about an hour for your DNS settings to get activated.

After you get your settings activated, ensure that Blogger knows about your custom domain so that it may redirect your readers/viewers to the blog page.

Simply go back to Blogger & update the information on your Settings-Basic tab. Find the area for publishing & then click the link to add a custom domain.


Blog Address –                         Edit

Add your custom domain Point your own registered domain to blog


That’s it! Now your address will start redirecting to your new custom domain. You also need to be patient, as it might take around 24 hours for the redirect to start working.

If you still get to see the error even after 24 hours, that would mean that your settings were not configured correctly & you should try the process afresh.

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