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How landing page helps to promote your website?

Before starting with how it helps to promote your website, let us first know few basic things about what landing page is. On a very broad perspective it can be defined as single web page that appears on response to clicking to search engine result.

Landing pages are actually designed to promote your product or service and get leads which are interested in your product or services. Landing pages are more specific compared to website. Website contains all the detailed information about the product or services they are providing.

Let us see how landing page help to promote your website and achieve your business goals

1)      Instant Credibility

Your landing page gives you credibility in the eyes of your visitors. This is because when you develop a landing page for your visitor, you tend to solve a problem for them. Hence, visitors of your website will consider this and put their faith in your website. This gives your business credibility and starts a new relationship based on thought leadership and trust.

2)      Improve SEO rank:

With increased competition, businesses need to be constantly generating content and relevant, quality content to keep SEO ranking. With a landing page, you can leverage your SEO rank on the web with search engines such as Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc. These search engines rank your website in given search results based on your content authenticity.

If you have a relevant landing page with organic content, it will definitely help to elevate your rank in search engines.

3)      Increase Your Chances:

Many business owners prefer having a website page to feed customers with loads of information about the product or service. A website visitor will be overloaded with so much information to navigate through one web page that they might just give up the idea of continuing on leaving you with a lost opportunity.

Landing page provides visitors with the solution to their problem and directs them in submitting their email address to further cater to their needs.

For small businesses to large, a landing page can act like a lead magnet gold mine if used correctly. It works towards creating your brand image, trust, and helps you to stand apart from your competition. In other words, you gain a competitive advantage while simultaneously catering to your visitors’ needs and converting them into leads.

4)      Landing Pages Improve Brand Awareness

When designing a landing page, it is important that the landing page style, look, feel, and copy is consistent with the content that links to it. A landing page with consistent branding is an extra way to improve brand awareness in marketing. When someone lands on your landing page, they’ll be more familiar with your business’s branding and more likely to recognize your business again. Since customers are more likely to make a purchase or use a service from a business they know, it’s important to make sure they remember you.

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