How to choose a domain name, right for your business?

A Domain name is your website name. It has a huge impact on the customers because they are going to see your domain name first and then decide whether to click or not. Your domain name impacts your brand name and also your online marketing. Thus it is important that you use the right domain name.

Make it brandable

Brandable, means that when you hear or see the domain name, it sounds like a brand. Always try to avoid numbers or hyphens in the domain name because that complicates it sometimes. They sound generic, or strange. For example, if you want to create a website that has Jewellery items and sells some jewellery related e-commerce products on it-

  • would be hard to brand or remember.
  • com would be amazing because it is very brandable, unique, memorable, and stands out.

Keep it simple

Your domain name should be such that it should not be difficult or complicated to pronounce. People tend to forget or ignore when they find it difficult to pronounce. Length of the name also matters because the fewer characters a domain name has, easier it is to type, remember and also share. Visitors might even make multiple spelling mistakes while typing. Thus the shorter the name, the better it is to us.

Avoid trademark issues

You must be careful while choosing a domain name because it could be confused with some other name or a company might even take legal actions against you if they think that your domain name is confusable with theirs. This might also lead to brand confusion.

Be Clever

Your domain name should reflect your business. It should convey an essence of your website. You can also play with words because that makes it memorable. Don’t try using numbers and special characters to make the name complicated. Search engines are deviating their focus from domains which are keyword targeted. Instead of using keywords, make an association between your business and your brand.

Extensions Matter in Choosing Domain Name

The extensions used in the domain name plays an important role in the process. Some say you should favor “.com” extensions because they are the most recognizable and trusted. They will gain you more visitors and more respect. But you could use “.photography” if taking pictures is your focus. A musical act could end their domain with “.band” to drive attention.

Why Use .Net?

You could use a .net extension if .com is not available. It is a good option for tech companies since it is considered as- .net = internet or network. This is the 2nd most widely used extension applicable for any business.

Why Use .Org?

If you are a nonprofit, especially if you are reasonably well known, use a .org domain name. The .org extension is technically open to all, but is not recommended for businesses, as there is an expectation that .org = nonprofit.

Why Use .Info

If your site exists purely to compile and provide information, as opposed to promoting a product or service, you could use a .info domain extension.

Custom domains

You can customize your domain name using extensions like .systems, .art, .photography etc.

You have to make sure that your domain is going to be one that inspires visitors to come back to your website. It should hint at what you do, and it should be unique. It is important to the ultimate success of your business.

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