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How Website Builder Can Ease Your Pain?

Website Builders help you to create your website. You have to choose from some templates which make your work easy and less complex. Website Builders are in trend these days because you don’t have to think much and choose which is right for your business.

Here are few benefits & features of website builder:

No coding required

Many website builders today require nothing but just drag-and-drop or copy paste functions so even those who have no coding skills can quickly build a website. They provide a variety of themes and templates that help to start a website by just replacing the images and text while keeping the layout same.

If you want a more customized design, they let you rearrange the layout and remove or add elements to make the website more unique. You can add a variety of elements via plugins like video, gallery, map, blog, etc. without coding.

Reduced cost

You can now create the website on your own or ask any of your staff to manage it via the website builder. This greatly helps in cost saving and requirement of a web agency or consultant for basic websites like corporate and product sites can also be avoided.


Whatever your site’s purpose, adding an e-commerce component is possible with a website builder. This is done either by adding a shopping cart component or integrating with a popular shopping cart system. Often, the e-commerce element has its own template following the standard processes of shopping carts, but you can twist it with your brand colors and logo.

Photos are the main elements in any website. Images should be displayed in different layouts such as vertical, horizontal, carousel, and gallery to make the website more attractive.


A good website builder has a form builder with customizable fields to go well with your intention. It may be for opt-in subscription, a registration form or contact form. The form is linked to an email address or database. Forms are customizable depending on the software.

Social sharing

Most website builders let you add social sharing buttons like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. These buttons either share your web content to the visitor’s social network or lead visitors to your social pages.

Website analytics and reports

Most website builders allow for third-party integration with popular analytics solutions like Google Analytics. This lets you track web visits and identify your most popular pages and posts. Through integration, you can view the statistics and generate reports right inside the website builder interface.


Many of today’s website builders are HTML5-based, which allows for a mobile-responsive website. Some provide a separate mobile interface where you have to redesign the site to fit into the mobile screen. Likewise, some solutions provide tools to integrate the mobile device’s features like GPS and phone camera.

So now that you have seen the features and benefits of website builder and understood how easy it makes everything, it is time to use these builders and make websites for your business’s online presence.

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