Lets Tailor Online – Part 2

Welcome back to the second part of the series ‘Lets Tailor Online’!

In this part, we will know how getting online and doing business from a website could be extremely beneficial for the talented yet overlooked tailoring industry.

Why not head straight and see the scope of tailoring online and how an online identity would help a potential tailor to not only expand his business but even get great dividends.

Lets Tailor Online – Part – 2

An Online Tailoring Website Will Help Customers To Know About It More Easily

domain-name-lets-tailor-online-part-2Yes, if a tailor is able to get a website of own, it will not only help his customers in the same locality and city to know about his new venture but even it can be accessed from anywhere, helping him gain exposure to more clients in no time and minus time constraints and boundaries.

A local customer who used to come all the way to his shop may quickly connect with the tailor by submitting an enquiry and get an appointment for measurement, either to be done at customer’s own place or at the shop during his preferred time.

This new feature is set to mesmerize a customer as he doesn’t have to come to the shop to get the work done. What’s more, a customer will also feel special as his measurement for a new shirt is being taken at his doorstep or he is being invited when he likes to at the shop.

This is sure to get positive word of mouth for the tailor on his social media pages (he must get this done- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more) and attract more footfalls for the website and business.

An Online Tailoring Website Will Allow Tailor To Stitch Clothes & Home Delivered

A tailor used to stitch clothes and call customers to come and pick up at the shop which used to kill his time as when a majority of customers used to come for pickup, he could not stitch much, killing business hours.

Now with the help of an online presence, a tailor may easily get the clothes stitched, get it packed himself or by a logistic partner, ferry it to different locations in the city or even different cities and deliver at the doorstep of the customer, much to their delight.

An Online Website Will Enable Him Accept Online Payments/Cash On Order Delivery

Having website (not static) will let a tailor do away with all cash handling at his shop, wasting his time and energy and further counting it and making balance sheets. Yes, when he would have a website, he will have working payment gateways integrated so that he may accept payments from customers.

What’s more, he may also offer ‘cash on order delivery’ to customers who can pay later when their stitched clothes reaches them on their doorstep.

An Online Static Website Set Up Will Help Him Enjoy Rich Website Experience

A tailor shall go for a static website rather than a dynamic website due to various benefits such as

  • A static website will help get domain name of choice
  • Hosting promotion and web space
  • Keyword coverage for SEO and specialized content writing
  • Web promotion on all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and more
  • User friendly website and trendy yet clean page look or interface

An Online Business May Let Him Fulfil The Dream To Become A Fashion Designer

Every tailor has a specialty! He always gets appreciation from customers for stitching ‘figure perfect’ clothes on all festive and regular occasions with many suggesting them to open their own boutique or turn fashion designer.

Although, these lucrative prospects capture the mindset of a tailor to establish them or give them a reality but as they require huge financial concerns, they drop it and limit and rather cripple their talent only to the four squares of his tiny shop.

Not any more, an online website may let him stitch clothes and still realize his dream of becoming an accomplished fashion designer.

Yes, as he would be having an online business entity and resources to manage it, he may switch from being just a tailor to a known fashion designer and let another website promote and build his brand with ease.

Key Points From The Whole Article

1. A tailor is small yet important person in society where even the rich needs to go once in a while.
2. While they are talented, they are unable to tap it to their fullest potential owing to dearth of innovation.
3. One such innovation that needs to be considered is having a tailoring website.
4. A tailoring website is tailor made to help them enhance their reach, grow and reap various other benefits.
5. BookMyIdentity provides superb domain name registration package for creating a great tailor website.

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