Linux Vs Windows Web servers

Confused between Linux & Windows web servers? Shun your inhibitions & get a clear picture as you read out this informative piece of information!

When you start searching for a good web hosting service over the internet, you would see that many web servers have Windows or Linux operating systems installed on them.

Windows and Linux are two different types of operating systems. Both formats would work on any web server and are capable of powering any type of website.

However, it is difficult to make a common recommendation as to whether Linux or Windows web server is a better choice for your website.

The Main Difference Between Linux & Windows Hosting

The main difference between Linux and Windows hosting is an operating system (OS), which is responsible for executing scripting languages and databases.

They both utilize different database and script languages. So you ought to think in advance as to which script languages you need to perform various hosting functionalities.

If your webmaster works with an ASP.NET framework, you need to opt for a Windows server. ASP.NET is just like PHP and HTML, but it utilizes different request processing schemes.

On the other hand, the latter is an extremely convenient and a popular website hosting server solution. The comfort of these servers has three key points such as a PHP server-side scripting language, MySQL database, and its affordable cost.

When Should You Use Linux Hosting

It is often considered as one of the best operating systems for a web server. With its extraordinary features such as reliability, efficiency, and stability, Linux proves itself in a hosting environment.

If you want to use Perl, PHP, or MySQL, it is one of the best choices as it is well-suited for content management systems, blogs, forums, and online stores.

When Should You Use Windows Hosting

A Windows OS makes it possible to execute .NET framework, conception frameworks, or SharePoint.

If you want to add some special Windows applications such as ActiveServerPages (ASP), Visual Basic Script (VBScript), and .NET script languages to your website, then the Windows web server is the only choice for you.

Both operating systems have their own advantages and even differences in their functionalities. So, you should choose it as per the necessities of your website project.

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Key Points From The Whole Article

1.Linux dedicated server hosting is a the superb alternative for website hosting
2.You could modify any features of your website by using Linux dedicated hosting
3.It is a reliable, flexible, secure and even an affordable solution
4.It protects your site from several digital attacks such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)
5.Linux dedicated server hosting keeps websites and servers accessible around-the-clock

Video: Linux Dedicated Servers Hosting

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Infographics: Are You Ready For Linux Dedicated Server Hosting?


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