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Premium Domain – A Short Story!

Premium domain names are such domain names which can be valued much and way above the normal or standard domain registration fee. There are lots of people or rather to be precise, domainers who indulge in time and money in conducting research for and buying premium domain names.

Nonetheless, have you even wandered your esteemed though as to what it takes to make a domain name, a premium domain name or in other words, why are some domain names more valuable than others!

Yes, this is because there are lots of reasons that a domain name could be considered premium; let’s have a quick look!

Consider Premium Domain; Here’s Why


premium-domain-a-short-storyDoes a business name sound like it could be a good brand name? If so, you have just landed your hands on a premium domain. Yes, brandability is difficult to define as a concept, but if you read a domain name and it strikes a chord with you as an interesting name; that could be branded!

Rich In Keywords

Being rich in keywords could also make a domain valuable. For an instance, if you have registered, you would be superbly happy as Computers is a completely large search volume keyword that’s searched over the web all across. The domain is surely going to get noticed, when people searching for Computers on search engines are more than likely to come across

Human Names Are Valuable As Well

The more common or famous human name you have registered, the more value your domain name is likely to fetch. For an instance, Peter is an incredibly common yet famous name and if you have, people searching for Peter may also notice and come across for sure which means an extra edge for your business.

Geographic Domain Names

Geographic domain names (, for an example)have seen an increased popularity as local data and local search have become much more prevalent with the continued popularity of local ‘apps’ and even localized search results; they (local domains) are sure to see a huge rise in search engine volumes, branding, image and sales.

Premium domains are not going to be out of fashion or priority. Search engines may alter their system; new TLDs (Top Level Domain Names) can come and go.

However, generic and premium domain names are here to play a really long inning; they are here to stay.

Key Points From The Whole Article

1. Have proven brand & established marketing strategies.
2. Are short & easy-to-remember.
3. Contain generic keywords & terminology.
4. Have established SEO strategies.
5. Are of interest to a number of prospective businesses & customers.

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Premium Domain - A Short Story!
Does a business name sound like it could be a good brand name? If so, you have just landed your hands on a premium domain.
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