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Registering A Domain Name Made Easy

You all know how important it has become registering a domain name in today’s time to go online, get your products and services features, sell/provide them, earn profits and make huge brand recognition.

Thus, it becomes even more crucial to register/make a great domain name which could be unique, attractive, associated with what you are bound to offer, appealing and memorable.

Cutting a long story short, let’s head out and see how with the correct implementation of some of the steps, registering a domain name could be made easy.

Step 1- Brainstorm Your Name

Make It Memorable

registering-a-domain-name-made-easyYes, make it memorable so that one is easy to remember it while trying out your service offering area over the web and avoid including fancy or tough words to pronounce or open to spelling challenge. Avoid misspellings as it could be costly so be extra cautious about words that have altogether different meaning.

Be Creative

Be creative and use phrases and words that best described your organization so that potential client is able to know what your business is all about. It is also helpful with search rankings if you are relying on search engine based traffic. So, let your creative juices flow and come up with a creative domain name.

Avoid Similar Names, Especially Matching With Competitors

You must avoid making a domain name matching somewhat with other similar domains, especially competitors and confirm that you are not breaching intellectual property of someone by searching various authorized databases to know if someone already has registered or applied for a name you were vying for.

Go For An Expired/Existing Domain Name

If the domain name that you are looking for really exists, try to buy it if it’s a wise investment. Also, a huge number of domain name expires every month and opting for an expired domain name is another great idea to look for.

Step 2- Pick The Correct Top Level Domain (TLD)


With more than 15 years of reliability. .COM still remains the most popular, frequently used and global online standard for domain names till date. Thus, try to go for .COM TLD for an enhanced business reliability and feasibility.


With more than 15 million registrations, .NET could be stated as an established domain with epic and great legacy, giving great dimensions to your business.

Step 3- Select A Niche Registrar

Once you have gone through aforementioned steps, you will be required to select a registrar to host your brand new domain.

BookMyIdentity is here to help you get one as it’s a quality domain name registration service provider which also offers affordable web hosting, website building, email and security and much more.

Select BookMyIdentity as your preferred domain name registration partner and go ahead to book your domain name easily.

Let’s see what would happen after you have selected a domain name registration service such as BookMyIdentity.

Registering A Domain Made Easy!

I Have My Registrar Now

You would be required to confirm if a particular domain name which you have selected is available. Unfortunately if it’s not available, most of the registrars would guide and assist you in creating and getting the one apt for your business needs.

My Domain Is Registered

Once you have registered your domain name, you would be required to protect it, why? It’s simply because losing out your domain could have grave consequences and a hostile effecton your revenue and brand and one must consider extra security features that follows next.

Some Security Features You Must Pay Attention To

Auto Renewal

Because auto renewal abolishes the chances of your forgetting the deadline to renew your domain name.

Domain Theft Protection

It ensures that your domain name won’t be transferred by unethical manners or illegally.

Domain Locking

It offers you with complete peace of mind from unexpected and accidental changes to name servers.

Domain Privacy

It helps you keep contact information from being showcased or displayed publicly.

Be informed to know that most of the domain name registration service providers such as BookMyIdentity are one-stop solution and provides with the offering of services such as followings.

Email services

It helps you make a professional image instantly when you launch an exclusive email account.

Website Building/Web Hosting

It aids you to set up your website easily and you could even opt for web hosting if you are looking for services all in one location.

Just Remember A Few More Points

Before you finally register a domain name and also opt for services as aforementioned as sign on the dotted lines, make sure some vital points such as

  1. Your registrar or domain name registration service provider is ICANN (The Internet Corporation For Assigned Names & Numbers) accreditedor registered
  2. You have thoroughly read the fine print
  3. You are completely aware and informed about transfer policies and associated/linked charges/fees
  4. The registrar or domain name registration service offers a good customer service and after sales service

Hang On Please, One Last Tip!

When you are able to find the correct domain name for your business, ensure it is also being frequently and consistently used across numerous social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for an enhanced reach and results.

Thus, now go ahead and book a domain as registering a domain name has been so easy for you all with above points.

Don’t wait any further to take your business online and make your dream of creating a great brand fulfilled!

Key Points From The Whole Article

1. Domain names are crucial these days and one must have them!
2. Choosing the right domain name for your business goes a long way in granting online success
3. Registering a domain name is easy, but, you should know some tips and tricks
4. Domain security features are something that you must focus on
5. You must find a domain name that could be consistently used across numerous social media platforms

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Registering A Domain Name Made Easy
Cutting a long story short, let’s head out and see how with the correct implementation of some of the steps, registering a domain name could be made easy.
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