Trending domain name extensions for your website

Earlier, people used to put most of their thinking into choosing a domain name and not the domain extension for their website. But now, with more than hundreds of top-level domains (TLD’s) are available on the internet, when you choose a domain name, then one of your choices needs to be what domain extension or Top level domain extension to use.

The domain name extension you choose has a much more impact than you might think. You need to choose the most recognizable extension which could help you with your online business branding. Below are the first five most common domain extensions which you need to consider.







  1. .com:

.com is a well-known top-level domain which is originally used to designate for-profit businesses. But now it has become the mainstay for domain extensions. When you are deciding on a domain extension, first of all, you should consider .com if it’s available. If there is a .com for your website, then there is a good chance of visitors who accidentally land on that domain instead of yours, simply because of human error or .com being the oldest or majorly used domain extension.


  1. .org:

.org is originally designed to represent non-profit organizations. However, it is also a popular option for many non-governmental organizations, nonprofits, political parties, online communities, and politicians. Most of the web users associate .org with a trustworthy and reliable source of information. .org extension is also one of the original TLDs and so it carries a lot of search power same as .com.


  1. .net:

Similar to .com extension, .net is open to anyone. .net extension is the best choice for technology or application-based companies as it implies network and technology. Most of the web owners associate .net with web-based applications and services. If your business operates in that industry, then .net makes perfect sense and it can even help validate and communicate your services to the targeted user.


  1. .co:

Out of the five most popular domains .co extension is an interesting one. It is originally designated the country code for Colombia. But later it has become more popular for global domains. It is mostly used by companies, corporations, or commercial ventures. If you are a startup that markets itself as unique or original, then creating your website with .co makes total sense.


  1. .us:

.us extension is unlikely, not open to anyone and it is reserved for citizens and entities of the United States. To use this extension you must be a permanent resident or have your business registered in the United States. Your business can be either a corporation, non-profit organization, or an individual.

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