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Domain Extensions Types

You must know that there are even other types of domain extensions other than .com, .net or .org!

Yes, a majority of the people are quite surprised when they come to know about the existence of many a domain extension which may be easily registered on a domain name registration service such as BookMyIdentity.

Some domain extensions are made to felicitate specific purpose such as .MOBI for mobile websites. Even other domain extensions are made to dedicate to other specific categories such as .TRAVEL for the travelling industry and .JOBS for HR departments in organizations and .EDU for educational institutions and much more.

You should also know that other these ‘generic’ top-level domains (gTLDs), there are also country code top level domains (ccTLDs) to signify countries, such as .IN for India, .JP for Japan.

However, some ccTLDs have some restrictions on them but almost anyone can register these domain extensions based sites from anywhere in the world.

Also be informed to know that some ccTLDs have been repurposed to be used generically such as .TV, an extension that’s used extensively to signify websites featuring TV video or streaming TV services as it is also an extension for a country called Tuvalu.

Top Generic Top Level Domain Extensions (gTLDs)

  • .co domains
  • .biz domains
  • .com domains
  • .jobs domains
  • .mobi domains
  • .travel domains
  • .net domains
  • .org domains
  • .pro domains
  • .tel domains
  • .info domains
  • .xxx domains
  • .name domains

Benefits Of International Domains

types-of-domain-extensionsBe informed to know that the potential of having an international domain is huge. Whether you are a English speaking entrepreneur or a non-English speaking business owner, you must and seriously consider the following benefits of registering and owning an international domain

Larger Audience– Opening up to a much larger audience as most of the world is non-English speaking and by registering an international domain, you are set to capitalize on this.

Localization– A huge factor that keeps international domain registration in high demands in localization!

Brand Protection– Having an international domain could easily be added in the brand protection strategy of most of the big organizations.

Availability– As it is becoming difficult to find a good domain name with most .Com English language domains already sold and even .Net and .Org gone, one can go for international domain name extension and still work wonder.

Top Country Code Top-Level Domain Extensions (ccTLDs)

Regions Domain Extensions
Ascension Island .ac domains
Antigua & Barbuda .ag domains
Asia .asia domains
Austrian .at domains
Armenia .am domains
Belgian .be domains
Belize .bz domains
Cocos (Keeling) Islands .cc domains
China .cn domains
Christmas Island .cx domains
Germany .de domains
Europe .eu domains
Federated States of Micronesia .fm domains
South Georgia .gs domains
Honduras .hn domains
HAITI .ht domains
Manx Domain .im domains
India .in domains
British Indian Ocean .io domains
ITALY .it domains
Japan .jp domains
I-Kiribati .ki domains
Laotian .la domains
Saint Lucian .lc domains
Montenegro .me domains
Mongolia .mn domains
Norfolk Island .nf domains
Netherlands .nl domains
Solomon Islands .sb domains
Seychelles islands .sc domains
Sweden .se domains
Saint Helena .sh domains
East Timor .tl domains
Taiwan .tw domains
UK .uk domains
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines .vc domains

With so many domain name extensions and many more to choose from, don’t stick to conventional .com or .net domain name extensions; go for your category specific extensions to grab more eyeballs.

Key Points From The Whole Article

1. Domain extension is nothing but end part of your domain name. In a, .COM is the domain extension.
2. .COM is the most preferred and known domain extension
3. You must try to get a .COM extension if you are registering a domain name
4. However, there are other domain extensions also that are catching up popularity chart faster such as .NET, .ORG, .IN and more, there are also international domain extensions such as .AU for Australia, .IN for India and more
5. BookMyIdentity offers affordable and quality domain extensions!

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This is just introductory information to make you aware about domain extensions and that .Com is not the only domain name choice available to you. Stay hooked to this space or subscribe to our newsletter/RSS feed of this blog to stay updated about detailed domain choices.

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