Visual search will change the online business !

When it comes to searching for products online, it is usually much easier to imagine what you want than describing it. Luckily, visual search is helping to change this and it is making much easier for users to find exactly what they are looking for. Visual search works by comparing the pixels in imagery to identify and return results which are similar. So instead of typing the keyword such as red short dress for party wear which will return thousands of general results, you can upload an image to help narrow it down to something much more specific.

The Visual of a website attract more number of users than a mere text. A web page which is facilitated with images, videos and graphics info can earn more views than the one which is having a bulk of the textual content. The more the number of people engaged in your ECommerce business, the more they place orders and finally the more you will earn.

Benefits of using Visual Search in Ecommerce business:

Visual search is a valuable tool for users who visit your online shopping store for a particular product. They might not be interested in digging your website deep as they are concerned about their required items. The visual search removes the hassle of going through a typical method.

A user is required to upload an image and find the matching search results. The removal of additional steps will turn out to be more user-friendly. You can make use of loads of search filters on your web store for assisting the users in easily finding their required products.

What do visual search require?

To find the product, users require knowing either the brand or an attribute of the products they are looking for. But the visual search has no such criteria. The users are no longer required to know about the product name or anything related to it, all they need is an image. They can get a snap of a product they like the most with the cameras in their mobile phones and any other mobile device. They need to upload it on your website to have the results of similar products. That’s it! It is that much simple.

End users can find the list of similar products instead of finding nothing in your store. They are engaged in their findings and consider purchasing it on the spot or save it for later. This search will brings you qualified leads which are expected to convert sooner or later.

Final Words:

Nowadays, the websites are not ranked on the basis of their higher number of back linking strategies but the way it is helping the users to solve their problems. The addition of visual search to Ecommerce helps the user to find the products of their choice easily.

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