Ways in which domain name can improve your business

What would be your reaction, if you had to remember a long numerical address to access a particular website? Most of us would say it is impossible to remember such numerical addresses, and it is true. So to reduce human efforts to memorize web addresses, domain names were developed and used to identify entities on the internet rather than using IP addresses

A domain name is your website name. It is the location where Internet users can visit your website. For identifying computers on the internet, domain names are been used. Combination of letters and numbers can be used as a domain name with various extensions like .net, .org, .com, etc.

The domain name must be registered before you can use it. Every domain name is unique. No two websites can have the same domain name. Any individual typing your domain name will land up to your website only and not on any other website.

Let us see ways in which domain can help you to improve your business

  • Searching for extension: Every business person should understand the importance of getting a dot-com domain name. It is incredibly easy for a new business to settle for something like a dot-info, dot-people, or dot-business extension. But the internet has been a part of our day-to-day life for a very long time now and dot-com is what people are accustomed to and is considered as default extension. It is getting difficult to get .com domain but doing combinations of words can be useful.
  • Spelling/pronunciation/length: It is very important to have a proper and easy to remember domain name. Domain names with complex spelling and pronunciation could decrease the chances of people finding your website. Long URLs are most likely being forgotten.
  • Including keywords: Adding keywords to your domain name is a good idea to increase number of visitors to your website. But keywords which are relevant to your business only should be added. Use of hyphen or any other symbol should be avoided to prevent any possible damage to your future search engine ranking.
  • Originality and branding: Use of keywords in your domain name is a good idea only if it fits your brand. But use of keyword every time is not essential. Instead of going for a keyword think of an original word for example Google or Yahoo.

Benefits of good domain name to your business

  • A domain name adds credibility to your business. Domain name makes your company a professional look.
  • A good domain name helps to increase trust of people with your company.
  • A right domain name can attract walk in business.
  • A good domain name helps to build your brand.
  • Change is easy, if you want to change your website host, you can take your domain name with you. And your customers will come at exact same address.

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