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Domain Transfer – A Quick Take!

As the name suggests, a domain transfer simply means transferring an already registered or owned domain name to someone else for a price or for charity or free.

Whatever be the reason for you, it would also be just apt to inform all you out there about the concept of domain name transfer, some other tit bits of it and more briefly.

What To Do Before Transferring Your Domain

There would be blocks of varied types waiting for you to protect your domain name ownership that can easily cause some issues in getting your domain name transferred to a new registrar such as BookMyIdentity.

Before you are able to transfer your domain to BookMyIdentity, it is quiet vital to ensure that your domain is actually ready to be transferred. Simply contact us now and we would also assist you to know if your domain is transfer ready.

Begin Your Domain Transfer Now

Ensure That Your Transfer Goes Uninterrupted

what-is-a-domain-transfer-a-quick-takeOne of the many security protocols to keep away your domain from being transferred without your permission is a validation or confirmation email that’s sent to one of the registered email IDs on your WHOIS information.

In order to ensure a smooth domain transfer, keep checking those valid email accounts and validate/confirm for any messages asking you the same to facilitate this process easily.

Check Your Transfer Status

A domain transfer will initiate only after the payment has been made and successfully done. Keep checking your registered email IDs to confirm the same as a confirmation letter may be sent regarding the same.

A domain transfer must be decided in less than 7 days from the date of confirmation letter. If the transfer was successful, the domain’s new information should appear while using a public WHOIS lookup tool.

Troubleshooting A Failed Transfer

The Domain Has Been Locked

Many events could lead to an unlocked domain to become locked yet again during a domain transfer procedure.

Solution- Get the domain unlocked and then get in touch with BookMyIdentity to reinitiate the transfer.

The ERP Key Expired

It is quite possible for the ERP key to become obsolete as a new one gets generated for a domain name.

Solution- Place a request for a new ERP key and then contact BookMyIdentity with the new ERP key to restart the domain transfer.

The Domain Validation Email Was Not Successful

If you are unable to follow the instructions laid down in the domain validation/verification email, the domain transfer will not succeed and could even happen in the case of non-receipt of the email in the first place.

Solution- Ensure that your WHOIS info is updated and that you are able to receive and send mail from your registered email address. Send a test mail from the same email ID to check if you receive your own sent test mail or not.

Once this is sorted, contact us (BookMyIdentity) to start the domain transfer afresh.

The Domain Has Gone Into Redemption

If a domain has landed into the redemption mode after its expiry, it may no longer be available for a transfer.

Solution- The domain would be required to be renewed before the actual restart of the transfer is kicked off yet again.

Key Points From The Whole Article

1. Before transferring a domain, contact to your current registrar to unlock the domain & retrieve the EPP code.
2. Transfer your domain to a new registrar.
3. Make sure that your domain transfer process goes uninterrupted.
4. Check your domain transfer status and troubleshoot the problem if any.
5. Finally, approve your domain transfer.

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