What is Content fatigue and how to avoid it?

Did you know that every minute 3.5 million searches are made on Google! It is expected that by 2020, the content on the internet will rise by almost 600% compared to what it is today.

In today’s world where every few seconds a new blog or article is posted, content fatigue is bound to happen. For this purpose, marketers resort to providing too much content to be heard, which ultimately leads to content fatigue

Before addressing the issue of how to avoid this content fatigue, it is necessary to understand what content fatigue is:

Continent fatigue is nothing but excess content in the form of blogs, emails, online ads, social media feeds, etc. that the viewer is exposed to. Content fatigue literally means the exhaustion that the viewer feels due to over bombardment of content from all sides.

It is not wrong on the marketer’s part to feel the necessity to be heard but going overboard with content can have a reverse effect on the customers, instead of being attracted towards the company they may end up resenting it. Hence the problem of content fatigue must be nipped in the bud!

Here are a few ways in which content fatigue can be avoided:

  • Clichéd? Not anymore – we have often heard the term, ‘think out of the box’, now is the time to put it in use. Coming up with new content every time is a difficult task but what needs to be done, is to get out of the mud pit of content you are stuck in and start thinking from a different perspective. The crux of the content may be similar, but the method can be different.
  • Try new – Sharing what the company has to say through different mediums can break the monotony of the content. Having a schedule for sharing content can help better engage your audience, for example once you can share a case study, one time a blog or one time an article or listicle, etc.
  • Think beyond blogs – Infographics is a latest trend in the market. It is a combination of information and graphical representation of the same. This medium is very useful in instantly grabbing the attention of the viewers. Videos are another medium of quickly and successfully conveying the communication. Graphics and pictures are any day more attractive than a plain written text, especially in a world where people do not have the bandwidth of spending time reading long blogs or articles.

It’s a number game – including tables, graphs and charts in the blog will summarize the content and give a clear idea to the viewer in a short time span, which will keep the viewers interested in what is to be communicated.

Small changes reap big rewards, this is the trick to make your content stand out in crowd. Content should seem natural and not only SEO compatible, able to make instant connect and as short and crisp as possible.

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