What Is Domain

What Is Domain?

You must have across the term ‘what is domain’ while searching the web, heard from your friends and from various other sources, right?

Let’s take this space to enlighten you on the basics of domain!

A domain or domain name is an internet address and the location of a website. For an instance, the domain name www.xyz.com points the internet browser to an IP Internet Protocol) address such as “”, but it is much easier to remember a name (domain name) when compared to a long string of numbers.

What Is Domain?

what-is-domainYou must know that a domain name can have a maximum of sixty-three (63)characters with one character being the minimum and is entered after the protocol in the URL(Uniform Resource Locator) as you can observe in the following example.

Be informed to know that the first ever domain name was www.symbolics.com and was registered by Symbolics, a computer organization in the year of 1985.

If you are zeroing on an idea to have a domain name, you must keep it simple, catchy and yet easy-to-remember.

Nowadays, there are many web domain registration portals such as BookMyIdentity.

However, in other words, domain also have another meaning viz department, (computer network working on a Microsoft operating system) being a resources’ group assigned to a group of individuals used to further divide departments, global areas of an organization.
Under this scenario, a domain needs to be detailed while mapping a drive or network computer.

Key Points From The Whole Article

1. A domain name is a unique name that is used to identify your website.
2. A domain name makes use of the IP (Internet Protocol) address to access the internet.
3. An IP address is a unique string of numbers, which is separated by periods.
4. Remembering so many IP addresses are very difficult, as they contain all numbers.
5. So, a domain name has been assigned to every IP address that makes it easier for humans to remember.

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