Why .com is preferred for business?

Before delving into the benefits of having .com in your domain name, let us first take a look at the benefit of having a good domain name. A good domain name adds credibility to your business. It is an easy way to increase your web presence. It gives easy accessibility to the web users to your website and is an effective tool of building your brand awareness, recognition and the returns.

Domain names add value and credibility to your offering, hence choosing a right domain name becomes very important. When talking about domain names, certain meaning is attached to certain domain name, such as, .gov stands for a Governmental institute, .edu stands for educational institute, and .org is widely recognised to represent a non-governmental organization.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the biggest challenges in front of marketers today. They constantly are trying to optimize the search for their company. According to a survey over 1.17 billion people use Google, so optimizing the domain name to make it Google search engine compatible is necessary. For this purpose it is observed that 75% links on Google consist of .com domain name, while only 11% of domain names have relevant visibility. This means that choosing a .com domain name increases the probability of your business to be viewed on Google.

Here are some of the benefits of ‘.com’ domain name:

  1. It is the most popular domain name – Almost everybody in the world is aware about the .com domain name and are highly likely to search for anything on internet using .com as an extension.
  1. Comfort and feel – Web viewers are more comfortable with .com as an extension over any other extension such as .net, .org or .co. Also the feel of .com is more professional than any other extension. The extension .com exudes a serious look that plays with the mentality of the viewers that a domain name consisting of .com is highly probable to not end up in spam.
  1. Traffic – Using a .com is the most authoritative way of guaranteeing your site will be found, this is because .com is a default domain since 1985. It is most memorable and has a distinct reputation. Hence, .com TLDs (top level domains) has value beyond search rankings.
  1. Value and authenticity – Premium domain .com are one or two-word domain names that can demand a very expensive price tag. A .com domain proves an investment is made, which adds some authenticity to the brand. This is especially important for users wary of online scams and frauds.

Thus, while considering a suitable domain name for your website, consider the nature of your business, the competition you are facing and how do you want to increase the not just desktop or tablet optimization but also mobile. Making your site mobile friendly is the need of the hour for which, choosing a correct domain name will guarantee success.

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