Why domains beyond .com, .co, .net, .org are in trend?

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is granting new Top Level Domains (TLDs) every now and then. Currently, there are around a thousand of these Top Level Domains, like


For Business: .enterprises, .industries, .business, .company


For Real estate sector: .estate, .construction, .contractors, .properties, .property


For education sector: .school, .college, .education, .institute, .university, .tech, .academy


For healthcare sector: .clinic, .surgery, .dental, .healthcare, .hospital


For Self-employed: .florist, .accountant, .plumbing, .photography, .lawyer, .doctor, .actor, .fashion


only to name a few.



These domains are most preferred, nowadays, the reason being their flexibility and advantages of use in a business. For example, actors setting up a professional portfolio website for themselves can use .actor as the website domain or a fashion company selling wardrobe can register a .fashion domain. Selection of these Top Level Domains helps the businesses specify their industry or location just with the website name.


Another good reason for going beyond the traditional (.com, .co, .net, .org) is availability. Reports state that nearly 130 million .com domains have been already registered over the internet. This means there are these many business names that have been used. So, new businesses resembling these 130 million business names would face problems while setting up their website. Here, these new TLDs come into play and pave a direct way to establishing websites.


Apart from sorting out availability problems, having a new kind of TLD attached to your business website actually makes it look good. Businesses and firms are realizing and adopting this trend at a large level. Google itself has been exploring new TLDs for its websites. For instance, you are redirected to Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) webpage through Also, Alphabet, the parent company of Google has their website address as


So in short, new domain extension offers following benefits over traditional one:


  • Flexibility with variety of options
  • Availability
  • Uniqueness
  • Trendy
  • Gives information about your business & industry
  • Easy to remember by customer


Considering the available options offered by TLDs, one can keep their website address as small as they wish. Hence, it becomes easy to remember the website address, business name, and the business’s industry.

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