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G suite – A package you can’t resist to have for your business

G Suite is a brand known for cloud computingcollaboration tools, software and products developed by Google. Businesses today prefer G-suite because of its multiple offerings or benefits in a single package and provision of a huge amount of online storage. G-suite comprises of a package which includes

  • Gmail, Google+, Hangouts and Calendar – For communication purpose.
  • Google Drive – For storage
  • Docs, sheets, slides and forms – For Collaboration



Gmail is a web-based email service. It became widely popular with more than 1 billion active users worldwide for giving users large amounts of storage space. As a part of G-suite, Gmail has some additional features that are designed for business purpose. They are:

  • Email addresses with the customer’s domain name
  • 30 GB of storage space.
  • 100% guaranteed maintenance.
  • Supports add-ons that combine third-party apps which are purchased from the G Suite Marketplace with Gmail.

Google Drive:

Google drive is invented for storing files and acts as a synchronization service. Google Drive allows users to store files on their servers, synchronize these files across multiple devices, and share files. A Commonplace where you can create, store, collaborate and share all your stuff. With the help of Google Drive, you can upload various types of files to the cloud and can access them from any computer.

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms:

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms programs are developed from company acquisitions. These are now integrated with the Google Drive. Together all these serve as collaborative software which permits users to view and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations through a web browser or mobile phone. Changes are stored automatically and also keep track of changes made.

Google Calendar:

Google calendar was developed to help keep track of time and schedules. This integrates with Gmail to make it easier for the user to add the events from email messages and get reminders for the same

Google Hangouts:

Earlier, Google Talk was used for the communication by Gmail users. Later, this was replaced by Google Hangouts, which is a message service that incorporates messages from various communication services. It supports not only text messages but also voice and video conversations.

Google Hangouts comes with extra features as it is a part of G-suite. They are:

  • Each user can share their screens with other users.
  • The screen focuses automatically on the person who is speaking and also prevents background noises.
  • Custom controls for admins including limiting access, turning chat history off, and the ability to remove participants from privacy.


The basic G-suite package offers 30GB storage for any business or organization. Small organizations with less than five members can get 1TB of storage space per user.  You also get 24/7 support through phone or email.

G suite offers three types of packages, each with various additional benefits. They are Basic, Business, and Enterprise as per your requirements.


Start using G-suite to get multiple functions clubbed together and have to get assured benefits and security for your business.

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