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What Is Email Hosting – A Short Guide!

An email hosting or email hosting service is basically an internet hosting service which operates email servers. Usually, an email hosting service provides premium email at some cost when compared to advertisement endorsed or supported free email or even free webmail.

Thus, email hosting services differ from conventional or the typical end-user email clients such as webmail sites.

In other words, email hosting is a service that aids to run email servers smoothly. To put in simpler words, if you have an online business and a related domain name based on it and are willing to have email service over the same domain name, you would be required to sign up for an email hosting service provided by a leading email hosting providers such as BookMyIdentity first.

Opting for a professional email hosting service is bound to give you peace of mind. It would also let you focus entirely on your business as the email service provider would manage your email service account.

Most of the email hosting providers offer a diverse set of webmail features such as unlimited forwarders, unlimited aliases, large attachments, and auto-responders, mail rules, spam/virus protection, IMAP/POP3, mailing list, whitelists, calendars, backlists, whitelists, folder management, contacts management, archiving and much more.

What’s more, an email hosting account also makes it possible for you to access the mail from almost anywhere in the world with the help of webmail, smartphone and not to forget the favorite/preferred email client such as Outlook.

One of the other most vital benefits of an email hosting that could be worded is that it’s a very affordable service. Yes, it easily eradicates the requirement for in-house email servers and even IT professionals to manage and maintain all such email servers.

Before you opt out to subscribe for an email hosting account/service, you may go for free trials provided by service providers and once convinced, and then only should you settle for one.

Some Great Advantages Of Email Hosting


what-is-email-hosting-a-short-guideService providers such as BookMyIdentity and more that offer this type of service usually lace their servers with reliable industry encryption. This means that the entire data transition that takes place is completely encrypted and no unauthorized party can access it.

Enough Storage

All service providers offer adequate data storage to keep/store thousands of critical messages. Yes, the more flexible an email hosting plan is, the more it lets users to enhance and increase or even decrease the limit of storage.


Address Book

It is one of the most vital features and advantages of an email hosting service as the service providers offer its end-users with the facility to share address book.

Spam/Virus Filters

Probably the best part of opting for these services is that they come laced with virus and spam filtering features. A good email hosting service provider always ensures that spam mails are always kept out of the mailbox, every time.

Key Points From The Whole Article

1. Concept of email hosting must be known to a business owner
2. Email hosting is vital for your business
3. Benefits of an email hosting system are many
4. Install email hosting and get a smooth business communication channel
5. BookMyIdentity provides affordable email hosting package, enroll now!

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What Is Email Hosting- A Short Guide!
An email hosting service provides premium email at some cost when compared to advertisement endorsed or supported free email or even free web mail.
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