Emergence of Animated GIFs in Emails

Emails have become more powerful than ever because of the arrival of animated GIFs. These animations are able to attract and draw the attention of customers to your product in a very powerful manner. GIFs create playfulness, delight, and sense of levity that helps for eye catch and entertainment of your customer’s inbox. They are strongly useful in a way of product explanation process, that’s more effective, engaging, and space efficient than a series of images.

GIF is (Graphic Interchange Format), it is a bitmap image format and is an image file like the PNG and JPG files, these GIFs are different from scene cuts to slide-show style animation which features multiple still frames from different images. Why animated GIF emails are very popular not because they are eye-candies and fun to watch, but because they have the ability to represent the functionalities of the product or service in a better way.

Animated GIFs require extra time and effort to get emerge, but once they are ready, the file can be loaded into email normally as a jpeg image. Today’s market mostly depends upon storytelling of your product to attract customers, where GIFs come very handy for eye-catching prospects.


GIF benefits

  • GIF help land readers eye on your valuable content.
  • They are proven to increase engagement and conversions.
  • They load easily and more rapidly than other forms of animation.
  • GIFs tell story in short, crisp and smart visual way.
  • Using GIF animation in email campaigns increases click-through rates.


Points that can enhance marketing email by GIFs.

1) Use GIF only when it is necessary, by means one or two properly placed GIFs can add spark required and even can act as CTA (call to action).

2) GIF should be short; it becomes quite important to keep the GIFs short to the point along with proper calls to actions. It should be used precisely in order to promote specific features or product line rather than flaunting all the stuff in the email with different GIFs.

3) Test them before sending. Whether you are creating emails for desktop or mobile, it is crucial to test the final email before deploying it. If there are any codes that are making the email bulkier than what you expected it to be; testing would save you from negative aftermaths.

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