Is Mail Marketing good for my business?

Email marketing needs to be considered as one of the important components of your advertising and marketing program. You need to take the time to find a perfect plan for executing an efficient email campaign as your company will benefit from the results. In order to develop a good email campaign, it is very essential to understand the pros and cons of email marketing.



You can track your emails by checking the ones who received your mail and email addresses which are no longer active and which people prefer not to receive your emails anymore. When compared to the standard mail campaign, tracking the email is very simpler with an email campaign.


Accumulating and maintaining an email list is very easy and less expensive than gathering standard mail addresses. Your customers only need to respond to an electronic form sign up for an email list where a response card for standard mailing costs to print and return postage.

Build Relationships:

Emails can help your customers to view the personal side of your business. It is a chance to be authentic with your core demographics and that is the best way to start a new relationship with them. When a customer feels like they know you, then they are more loyal to your brand and more likely to do business with you.


An email marketing can be created in hours and it can reach millions of people within a few minutes. You can design a creative marketing plan to respond to something your competition has done or said and get it out to your customers much faster than the standard mail.




Nowadays it is very common for people to receive several marketing emails in a day from a number of companies. So it is possible that many customers will delete your email as unimportant before they even take a look at your mail. If you use a bulk emailing program, then it means that your marketing email could get caught in the recipient’s spam folder and they may never see it.


Some people may not appreciate having their inbox filled by unprompted marketing emails. Using this bulk emailing process can make customers feel your company is less than reputable.


You might have created your email marketing to make it look exactly the way you envisioned. But unfortunately, due to the varying servers and devices, your design may not look the way you hoped, which can diminish the impact of your message. Some might change their email settings to only allow text while blocking the images from coming through. If your main focus is on marketing your business logo, then it could be lost.





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