Power your business emails with emoticons

Emoji’s are based on symbols from Japanese comics and express emotions through digital communication. These emoji’s are used in messages, tweets, and other communication to express the emotions that cannot be shown in the written body. Usage of emoticons has become very common amongst the young generation these days. We can see that businesses have started using this strategy specially to communicate with the younger generation. This marketing strategy has spread over social media marketing, but not isolated there.

An example for this is ‘we can use pizza emoji’s on twitter to order a pizza from dominos’.  It won a Titanium grand prix at Cannes lion international festival of creativity for delivering this concept through emoji’s.

How to use emoji’s in emails to connect with your audience and power your business.

Emoticons are used in expressing emotions, enjoyment, and richness of messages. A more recent research has found that smiley emoticon online is equal to looking a smiling face in real life. You might be wondering using this emoticon is suitable for the professional environment like email or might not suit the brand image. The effects of using a socio economic vs. task-oriented settings has been examined and it has stated that looking at an emoji is more gratifying over a plain text. It is found that using an emoticon in formal email would create a positive impact by being emotional, friendly and personal.

For example:

I will not be able to attend the meeting as it clashes with my staff meeting. So, let me know what I missed.


I will not be able to attend the meeting as it clashes with my staff meeting. So, let me know what I missed. 😊

A mail with this emoji would reduce the negative impact compared with first one.

Do’s and don’ts for email emoji’s:


  1. Do’s: make sure that emoji’s are relevant to the subject line that can be easily replaced by an image. You can use a related emoji instead of a word to make the subject line more appealing and attractive.


  1. Don’ts: Never use an emoji if business nature requires to be serious, say if the services are something like emergency preparedness, medical services etc, which requires using sober tone. Avoid using emoji’s.


  1. Do’s: Test, the main reason for saying this is because the emoji render varies by email client. The emoji may look different on Gmail, outlook, on mobile apps, so better to test through services like litmus to see how emoji’s render across different platforms.


  1. Don’ts: Never use emoji without considering your client. Say you might end with up a friendly mail with emoji to a client whom you don’t know well. This may create a wrong impression. So be careful before using emoji’s to your clients.

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