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Why using G Suite is beneficial in long term for your business?

G Suite at its core is am email suite. Basically Gmail for businesses with your own domain name instead of and your logo instead of Gmail’s logo. But this is a very broad overview of G Suite.

In fact G Suite is much more than your normal email suite. It is a complete office productivity suite. It includes a document processor, a spreadsheet processor, presentation creator, an online meeting software and much more.

One G Suite will take care of almost all of the office productivity needs. Just to give the comprehensiveness of G Suite let me show you what you get with G Suite.

  1. Docs – A document processor
  2. Sheets – A spreadsheet processor
  3. Slides – A presentation creator
  4. Forms – Create online forms
  5. Sites – Create simple websites in no time
  6. Keep – Organiser
  7. Jamboard – Whiteboard collaborator
  8. G Drive – Cloud storage and file access
  9. Gmail – An email suite
  10. Calendar
  11. Google Plus – Social Network for Businesses
  12. Talk – Online meeting tool
  13. Hangouts – Video meeting tool

All of this with enterprise grade control is available in G Suite. Plus you can share anything among your organisation with minimum effort and great control.

And all of this you get at a great price of USD 5 per month per user. Now just compare this cost if you have to buy each of the product individually that too from different vendors. Moreover there is no guarantee that these individual products are connected with each other for collaboration.

All in all a G Suite will be very beneficial for your organisation and it will drive down the cost of the IT infrastructure.

If you want to buy G Suite you can do so by clicking on this link. BookMyIdentity provides discount on G Suite from time to time.

* G Suite was previously known as Google Apps.

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