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Why you need a professional email address?

Professional e-mail address is email address with your domain name in address and not freely available email addresses like @gmail, @hotmail, @yahoomail, etc. It gives you look of settled and matured professionalism that may not be possible with so-called free service providers. Mainly because people overlook the emails that are sent using free service and chances are pretty high that may consider it as useless or fishy, which can impact negatively.

Let’s take an example. If you want to send a mail to your potential customer and you have 2 email addresses. One provided by free email service provider and the other with your domain name in it. Which email id would you use, probably the one with company domain name? Why? Because it is easy to create e-mail addresses using free email service and anyone can create it to use it for phishing and for other fraud or so.

E-mails with professional addresses make your potentials customers feel secure, as they are confident of not being getting spam. It easily convinces people that you really are who you say you are and that brings trust in the picture and increases your credibility. In other words, it makes people feel safe and serious about the mail sent by you. In this age of the internet, it is very hard to win or retain customers trust.  In order to do so, companies try every possible road and professional e-mail address is a small part of that road to success.


Listed out certain reasons to use professional email addresses:

  • Minimizes chances of being getting spam:- Your e-mail getting spam, is the last thing you want to hear. So in order to avoid such complicated issues, you need to create a professional e-mail address that will be able to tell your motive behind the mail, to make your business image positive, most important thing is to communicate with your potentials customers with ease.
  • Create and maintain professional image:- Consider you have a firm and a website with the domain name is matching with your firm name. So the mail sent through that professional email service gives people, the idea about your business, offer much-needed trust and create much needed professional image.
  • Indirectly link to your website:- E-mail address with your domain name helps people to identify your firm and it provide a direct link to your website resulting in inbound traffic to your website and direct branding.
  • Can operate through mobiles:- It was a major drawback of professional e-mail addresses in past, they couldn’t be operated through mobile devices due to certain restrictions. But nowadays, you can operate it through a mobile app or even sync it with Gmail. Using POP and SMTP servers, Gmail allows you to download and send professional emails from customizing e-mail service.
  • Easy and cheap:- Till now you would have considered it as an expensive service to use, but it’s very cheap and you can avail email service as cheap as $10 to $12 a year with BOOKMYIDENTITY.COM. It is very easy to operate as easy as Gmail and it’s only a matter of few clicks and you need not require any technical know-how.

So don’t waste a single minute and get your professional email address to match your domain name. It’s easy, fast, reliable and boosts your credibility. Get BOOKMYIDENTITY.COM e-mail service today and scale up your business.

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