International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day – A Quick Insight!

International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June, 2016 for the second time & has been a grand success after its inception in the year of 2015!

Globally, millions and millions of people are falling prey to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, strokes, cardiovascular diseases, asthma & much more.

This is at a time when there are an advanced level of medical facilities available to concern most of the aforementioned issues. However, still people are dying as they are unable to take care of their health’s many demands such as sound sleep, balanced diet & more.

That’s where including a health practice that’s has been operational but in a subdued manner has again risen & being embraced hugely all over the world to reduce lifestyle related issues & to awaken mind, body & be super active for life – Yoga!

Yes, residents of various developed & developing countries have suddenly opened up to Yoga in a large number to practice it daily & keep multiple diseases at bay!

International Yoga Day – Stay Aware, Stay Healthy!

What Is Yoga?

Yoga could be defined as a Hindu spiritual & ascetic discipline which includes breathing control, meditation using specific bodily postures, is a wide practice being included in daily activities for an improved health & relaxation of mind, body from within!

When one practice Yoga, it helps to de-stress people from within & once this becomes possible, people start feeling good from within & once people feel happy & good from within, their many bodily complexities are solved or reduced to an extent!

Some of the popular Yoga poses are Surya Namaskar, Tadasana, Uttanasana, Dandasana, Mukha Swanasana amongst much more.

What Is International Yoga Day?

Although Yoga has been in practice for many years, but, the International Yoga Day was started in the year of 2015 & the credit goes to the present Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who helped it regain its importance & made it ‘alive’ & got it recognized yet again globally!

The International Yoga Day is celebrated on 21st June all over the wold & marked by various programs under which Yogic camps are organized & prominent personalities along with common people participate on streets & roads to practice various Yoga postures for a brief period!

Yoga Day Celebration, 2016

Continuing the tradition even this year, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came out in the open to practicing Yoga with a sea of people in the Indian city of Chandigarh & this event was a smashing success with reports peeping in from cities all across about its celebration in a grand manner!

Top 5 Health Benefits Of Yoga


With the passage of time & work related stress mounting on you to meet deadlines, has your body become less flexible than it should be? Yoga can be an excellent way to get your muscles stretched & give you joint motion a great range!

By practicing Yoga asanas daily for some time, you can also help release the lactic acid build up which is an alarmingly common cause of morning pains & aches.


Would your like being a slouch? Of course, nobody likes one! By including sitting & standing Yoga asanas, you will get a good reason to stand tall! You can get your core to strengthen by using your abdominal muscles, making it super easy to also straighten your back & bid goodbye to that pesky slouch!


Pollution & other aspects force us to lose our breath. However, when you practice Yoga, you can increase your lung capacity & endurance as mindful & deep breathing is done when using Yoga asanas or postures.

Yoga can also help running buffs to increase their potential & enhance their performance.

Less Stress

Stress has become a part of life, taking a toll on the health & well-being of people but, with Yoga, stress may become a thing of the past! This is possible as Yoga can get you find a sense of calm. Many meditation steps can mute the mind to distract & put an end to anxiety & stress.

Further, deep breathing pushes to focus on your breath & helps clear the mind, evoking a sense of serenity & calmness.

Heart Health

Various studies have emerged to state that Yoga can easily slow down the rate of your heart, a superb health benefit for people troubled with blood pressure issues & other heart diseases.

With so many health benefits to offer at absolutely no cost, embracing Yoga in life can transform you to become a better person from within who is happy, calm & healthy to enjoy life in all its forms!

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