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3 Solid Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog

To small and big business owners and entities, having a blog does not seem to be a good idea as they term it as a ‘casual thing’ to do, but the fact says something else.There are many reasons why every small and big company or organization needs a blog. However, a major chunk of small and big business entities are not aware of the impending benefits that a blog bring to them.

If you have a business and don’t own a blog yet, it’s high time you go all out and get a business blog immediately without further delay; here’s why!


World Of Search Engines & Google

In simplest of the forms, blogs easily create entry points for your business website.

Business owners should know that customers don’t search for products and services or businesses in the local Yellow Pages book anymore. Instead, they go to Google or other preferred search engines and type keywords related to what’s required by them.

3-solid-reasons-your-business-needs-a-blogA business needs to be represented in the search engine result pages (SERPs) when consumers type keywords linked to business into search engines.

Yes, of course, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may help you, but getting entry points created also helps greatly.

Let’s put this point this way: If you have a business website that contains up to 10 web pages, it clearly means that you have made 10 web pages for a search engine such as Google to find/index the content.

What’s more, it also means that there are clearly 10 entry points for people or your target audience to find your business via search engines.

Now just imagine that attach a business blog to your business website and write a new blog entry/post every day for a period of one year. At the end of 365 days of business blogging, you have just made 365 more entry points for search engines to find you and business in search engine results.

You should also be spending that year cementing relationships with your targeted audiences across the social media web via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more.

Your 10 page business website now has hundreds, thousands, and many more entry points. Always know that there are lots of ways for people these days to find your business over the web when they are looking for it and business blogging is many of them.

Opportunity Cost

Getting your business blog written is a great opportunity that you must not miss at any cost. Ten-fifteen years ago, business owners would have anything done to get their messages across to customers.

However, the same opportunity exists these days in the form of social media and if you are unable to cash in the opportunity, one can bet that your competitors will.

Yes, business blogging gives business owners a unique opportunity to enhance exposure and cement relationships with customers and upsurge brand loyalty.

If you won’t talk online to your target audience, other businesses will and seize exposure and branding opportunity.

Long-Term Sustainability

Nowadays, business blogging is very much a long-term marketing strategy. It can easily aid your build your brand, enhance word-of-mouth marketing, and nurture the business for many and many more years to come.

It’s this type of organic growth depending upon your relationships and audience trust which leads to brand loyalty and an online business that can sustain micro and macro-environmental issues for years to come.

Thus, don’t underestimate the immense power of business blogging. In fact, to put it in simpler terms, if your business is not yet blogging and making a social web presence, soon a time will come when customers will wonder why!

Key Points From The Whole Article

1. Have a business? You must have a blog.
2. Your business needs a blog for sure
3. Reasons for having a blog for your website are many
4. You must own a blog today if you want long-term growth
5. Use the benefits of blogging now

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Why Does Your Business Need A Blog

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3 Solid Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog
There are many reasons why every small and big company or organization needs a blog. In simple way to creates entry points for your business website.
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